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Natural Cancer Cure

Cancer Cure Revealed By One Great Scientist

Real cancer cure was presented by the prof. Mermerski during one of his teachings. It is actually a completely natural remedy which can be made in every household. What he pointed out is that this remedy …
Treat Lung Cancer With Honey and Ginger

Lung Cancer Killed With Natural Treatment

For the treatment of lung cancer and same as the other types of cancer, the only known method until these days is to be the chemotherapy, but did you know that this method will destroy you more …
Stem Cells Can Cure Cancer

Doctors Can Cure Cancer Successfully

Doctors in Yurga (Russian: Юрга́), a small town in western Siberia, for the last three years, has managed to cure cancer successfully by performing 34 transplants of stem cells. With the help of stem cells, …
Prevent Ovarian Cancer Naturally

Prevent Ovarian Cancer Naturally

Ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer, because for many women the symptoms occur only in advanced stages of the disease. The major risk factors include family history of the disease, diagnosed breast cancer …

Fight Cancer and Leukemia using Beetroot

Beetroot is a traditional cure for leukemia. This vegetable contains the amino acid betaine which has anticancer properties. Therapy, which includes a daily dose of beet juice or grated beetroot have a positive effect on leukemia and many …