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Aloe Vera Mystic

Aloe Vera – For Healing and Beauty

The Aloe vera is an herb that is known from ancient times. Due to its exceptional nutritional value and medicinal properties, it is dubbed as the “Queen of medicinal herbs.” Worldwide, this herb is commonly …
Back and Neck Pain

Get rid of Neck and Back pain including Sciatica

Still not widely known, this ancient Japanese recipe made from only one ingredient is the main cause for healing for many people suffering from stiffness in the neck and back including sciatica. The results are shown only after …

Fight Cancer and Leukemia using Beetroot

Beetroot is a traditional cure for leukemia. This vegetable contains the amino acid betaine which has anticancer properties. Therapy, which includes a daily dose of beet juice or grated beetroot have a positive effect on leukemia and many …

Anemia – Natural Treatment

Anemia is always  treated in consultation with a doctor, but also there are many natural remedies which can accelerate the production process of iron in the body. Besides that iron is one of the most …

Asthma – Causes and Prevention

To be able to protect yourself from the occurrence of Asthma, try to avoid certain foods and dusty areas from an early age and you may prevent this bad disease. British researchers have found that …
Honey and Cinnamon

Honey and Cinnamon – The Elixir of Health

The healing properties of honey have been known since ancient times, and cinnamon was once more valuable than gold. Today, these two ingredients blended together, produce a real elixir of health. Although each has its …
Garlic Lemon and Honey

New Natural Medicine found against Cancer

For this natural medicine has been repeatedly proven  that can cure cancer, hormonal problems, weaken immune system, bad blood circulation etc… Here we present to you its preparation process and its healing effects.

Water – Our Guardian Angel

Water, the most powerful substance on our planet. With it`s presence trough out the history it`s our main source of life. Few know the fact that while we get thirsty we are already dehydrated and by this …
Top Models

Top Models Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle has many benefits, from strengthening the immune system to better skin condition. However, motivation can be a story in itself. Vogue asked the most famous faces from the fashion catwalks for advice on …