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Wooden Spoon of Baking Soda

Best Substitute for Baking Soda

Caught yourself wondering what will be the best substitute for baking soda? Just as you decided to make that excellent recipe that you’ve saw today on TV, you realize that you are missing the most …
Croup Cough In Man

Croup Cough – 6 Natural Relief Remedies

Croup cough or barking cough is an condition caused by viral inflammation of the upper airways of the throat. (The larynx and trachea). Usually is identified with a strong barking cough or hoarseness. It can occur to everyone especially …
Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid of Longevity

This is the healthy food pyramid made by experts in nutrition from the Harvard School of Public Health. The pyramid is based on the best scientific evidence available for the relationship of nutrition and health. This …
Stomach Virus Treatment

Stomach Virus Prevention and Treatment

Stomach virus is a disease caused by different types of enteroviruses. This disease occurs  throughout the year, especially in early spring and summer most often in the younger population but also in the elderly too. …
Treat Lung Cancer With Honey and Ginger

Lung Cancer Killed With Natural Treatment

For the treatment of lung cancer and same as the other types of cancer, the only known method until these days is to be the chemotherapy, but did you know that this method will destroy you more …
Kidney Stones Natural Remedy

How To Remove Kidney Stones Completely Naturally

Natural and effective remedy against kidney stones, much more powerful than the traditional medicine can offer, right before you. This remedy is especially made and tested for the sole purpose of permanent dissolving kidney stones …