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Treat Lung Cancer With Honey and Ginger

Lung Cancer Killed With Natural Treatment

For the treatment of lung cancer and same as the other types of cancer, the only known method until these days is to be the chemotherapy, but did you know that this method will destroy you more …
Tofu Cheese Health Benefits

Tofu Cheese – Our Healing and Delicious Ally

The soy cheese, also known as Tofu is produced similar like cheese, with clotting of proteins into the soy milk. The soy provides large amounts of high-quality vegetable protein. In the healthy food shops, it can be found …
Chaga The Magical Mushroom

Chaga – The Forgotten Source of Health

About the Chaga, this incredible mushroom, the western world learned through the book “Cancer Ward” – 1968, written by the Russian Nobel laureate, Alexander Solzhenitsyn. In his semi-autobiographical novel, he writes about his cancer healing …