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Exotic Mint Ice Cream

Exotic Mint Ice Cream

During these hot summer days, there is definitely no better way for complete refreshment, rather than the taste of Ice Cream. It`s the most sweet and delicious option we can choose.Prepare yourself for one new …
Back and Neck Pain

Get rid of Neck and Back pain including Sciatica

Still not widely known, this ancient Japanese recipe made from only one ingredient is the main cause for healing for many people suffering from stiffness in the neck and back including sciatica. The results are shown only after …
Jessica Alba Recipe Revealed

Jessica Alba Recommends

Besides being one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses, she is also a mother of two which cares about her healthy diet regime, preparing delicious recipes on her own.
Coconut Smoothie

Dreamy Coconut Smoothie With Pineapple

  Are you for a glass of tropical coconut smoothie with pineapple? Coconut milk is becoming more and more popular daily drink these days because it`s easy for digestion and has low sugar properties. With the …
Basil Herb Cure

Basil – The Mystic Herb

Basil is most known herb that is used as a spice in the cuisine, but its benefits go far beyond it. For hundreds of years it has been used in many cultures as a spice …
Chinese Temple

Ancient Chinese Healthy Recipes

It was found in Tibet – 1971 by UNESCO expedition in the ruins of one old monastery written on clay tables, the recipe and its method of use. It was an Ancient Chinese homeopathic drug …