10 Tongue Conditions that Indicate your Health State

Even a glance at the mirror of our tongue is enough to determine if we suffer from a health problem. So rather than stand wondering why your tongue suddenly became whiter or darker, carefully read on.

The appearance and function of the tongue is more important than you think, because just like on our medical record, on it are also written all conditions and deficiencies of the body.

This are the most common 10 that you may occur, but you’ve never tried to check.

10 Tongue Health Conditions

1. Normal tongue – pink without traces and color imbalance, with clear and mild plaque shows the proper functioning of the body.

2. Thin white layer with visible traces of teeth and some red dots – this condition of the tongue leads to lack of energy and constant fatigue, poor appetite and excessive sweating. Commonly occurs at people with worries and anxiety.

3. Thin yellow layer in the middle with dark red color – This state of the tongue, warns of problems with digestion, dehydration or skin diseases. Changeable mood is also one of the visible symptoms in individuals with this condition.

4. Big white coat, with swollen edges – This look also points to problems with the digestive system and accumulation of water in the body. Individuals with such tongue state, often suffer from fatigue and lethargy.

5. Dark purple spots on the tongue – Chances are that you have congestion problems with your blood and veins. Swollen feet, headache, chest pain and lackluster skin are frequent shortages from which these people are suffering.

6. Thin white layer and red top of the tongue – This situation reveals that the emotional state of the person is impaired. The energy in the body builds up and causes frequent infections.

7. Red tongue with yellow fat – This is an indicator of elevated body temperature, indicating possible infections and skin problems.

8. Thick white layer and pale swollen tongue – This state indicates infection and lack of vitamins and minerals. Plus, if you have pale skin, pain in the pelvis and frequent feeling of  panic, then you must visit a doctor immediately.

9. Thin cuts / cracks on the tongue – An indicator of fungal infections, commonly manifested by sweating, insomnia and irritation.

10. Pale tongue without deposits – Leads to decreased blood flow, anemia, lack of memory and concentration. Often women with this tongue condition, have hormonal imbalance.


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