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Baking Soda and it`s Spectrum of Properties


Sodium bicarbonate, or popular, baking soda is white powder which you certainly have in your own household. This wonderful health ally and personal beauty assistant who will never let you down even in the dirtiest household chores, presents a kind of serious threat to the pharmaceutical industry these days. Thus, it was confirmed that baking soda also helps in the cancer treatment.

Propolis – The Universal Natural Healer

Propolis is named from the greek words “PRO” meaning – front
and “Polis” meaning city. In simply words:
“Wall outside the city”.

Propolis is a resinous substance with specific smell and taste, whose color, chemical and physical properties depend on the plants that are located within the flying radius of the bees.
Bees collect it, reproduce secretions from their glands and then used it to fill the gaps in the hive, to fix the honeycomb cells in place, disinfect it and polish it, and reduce the openings of the hive to protect themselves from potential enemies.