5 Unhealthy Habits You Surely Poses in Your Life

Bad habits is something which every single one of us posses in his own daily living.  With the day upon us, we’ve certainly made several mistakes that surely made harm to our body or mind.

So while you spend the workday sitting in the office or maybe at your home surfing on your phone, you should note the following:


1.You were touching your face with dirty hands

Face Touching
Some people just can not stop touching their face. Some statistics show that the average man touch his faces four times in just 5 minutes! The problem is that many public areas are full of bacteria, which is why this bad habit increases the risk of developing skin diseases or acne on your face.

2.You do not get out of the chair for hours

Work Exercise
Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Let’s not even mention the problems with the spine, which suffers the most in this situation. If you want to prevent the risk of all of this stated, get up every half hour and stretch out, try to make every 60 minutes a short walk around the office for a quick feet exercise.

3.You keep some snacks right on your desktop

When working something on your computer or when you watch TV, you feed your body with more calories, opposed to situations when you are fully committed to the meal.

While you think of food consumption and execution of work activities makes you number one in multitasking, you are actually doing more harm to your body line and waist circumference.

4.You were rubbing your eyes

The friction of the eyes can often be associated with the occurrence of the so called keratoconus disease of the cornea. This habit over time leads to the need to wear glasses or even laser correction. If, however, wearing lenses and often rub your eyes, it can further do harm to your vision.

5.Delaying going to the bathroom

Because of the workload you can`t get in line to visit the toilet? The occasional abstinence from going to the toilet could become a habit, which will increase the chances of creating a urinary infection or occurrence of problems with incontinence.

There are many more bad daily habits that we poses and we are not aware of their existence and their big impact to our health. Anyway, if we try to be more self devoted we could really improve our daily way of living. 

So try to relax as much as you can. 😉

Bad habits is something which every single one of us posses in his own daily living. With the day upon us, we’ve certainly made several mistakes that surely made harm to our body or mind.
Date Published: 09/25/2014
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