7 Healthy Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking water is one of the most important part of our life. We can live much more longer without food rather than without water. The only thing that is more important than water is the air we breathe.

Our body is made from 60-70% water. That’s why every single part of our body needs water to be able to function properly. Insufficient intake of water may lead to dehydration in which case the normal function of our body is prevented. Even a slight occurrence of dehydration results with decreased energy, headaches and fatigue.

Drinking water keeps us alive same as helping us maintain our health and beauty in whole.

It speeds up your metabolism, increases our energy levels, moisturizes the skin and helps our body quickly release all the toxins.

These are some of the benefits of drinking water that lead to better health and more attractive appeal:

The Benefits Of Drinking Water

1.The water increases our energy.
One of the most common reasons we feel tired throughout the day is the dehydration. Even the slightest dehydration leads to decreasing of energy. Water helps blood in transportation of oxygen and other substances to the different cells in our body. So when the body has enough water In it, the levels of energy are greater.

2.Drinking water speeds up the metabolism and helps in weight loss.
Because of this, every single diet recommends drinking of at least 2 liters of water per day. The consumption of 1-2 glasses of water before every meal, drastically decreases appetite and leads to smaller intake of calories. But besides this, the water speeds up the metabolism especially if its cold. When you drink cold water, the body tends to warm up and to be able to do this it burns extra calories.

3.Water helps for better and longer workout.
The water regulates the body temperature during your workout. If you drink enough water, you will gain more energy and strength to successfully finish the workout. Besides, water will help you prevent the appearance of muscle cramps. That’s why you should drink larger quantities before, during and after every physical activity.

4.Drinking water helps for better digestion.
Fiber and water are perfect combination for great digestion. Contrary to this, dehydration invokes our body to absorb the whole water leaving the colon dry making discharge more difficult.

5.Water decreases the risk of kidney stones development.
Experts warn that most of the cases in adults and children where kidney stones appear are consequence of insufficient intake of water. Water dissolves the minerals and salts in urine which contribute in stones development. Drink enough water to be able to prevent the development of kidney stones.

6.By drinking water you lower the stress and increase your concentration.
If you consider the fact that almost 80% of the weight of our brain is build of water, then it is not so hard to presume that dehydration presents major blockage to its proper function. The short come of water produces stress to the body same as to the mind and besides decreases the ability for concentration.

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7.Water can cure headache.
Headaches mostly often occur as a result of dehydration. In these cases, drinking few glasses of water will surely help you get rid of the headache.

8.Drinking water will help you fight against wrinkles and acne.
Consider water as a natural remedy for skin care, acting in many different ways. When the body is dehydrated, your wrinkles get more intense. Water improves circulation so your skin will gain more healthier and natural look.

The only way in which water can harm your skin is if you wash your face more often. Skin secrets natural oils which serve as protection for the skin so with excessive washing you remove these oils which then results in occurrence of dry skin and wrinkles.

So don’t wait, grab a bottle of water and never loose its site. Feel the magical powers of drinking water. 🙂

Drinking water is one of the most important part of our life. We can live much more longer without food rather than without water. The only thing that is more important than water is the air were breathe.
Drinking Water
Date Published: 12/03/2015
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