Anemia – Natural Treatment

Anemia is always  treated in consultation with a doctor, but also there are many natural remedies which can accelerate the production process of iron in the body.

Besides that iron is one of the most present element in the nature, there is still a lack of its presence in the blood among many people. Mostly women and children.
When iron deficiency occurs, cells in the body are not getting enough oxygen, and thus this disrupts the muscle functions, as well as causing a numerous biochemical reactions in the body.

These are the few among many other natural remedies that can help treat anemia and expelled it from your life.

Nettle TeaNettle tea

Put one teaspoon dried nettle leaves in boiling water and leave it stand for 5 min. Strain the tea and drink it warm. Three cups per day are recommended.

Four herb tea

Mix the same amount of nettle, sage, thyme and mint leaves. One tablespoon of this mixture pour it with 2.5 ounces of cold water, put it on the fire and cook for 1 minute and then let it stand for 5 minutes. Drain and add lemon juice. Sweeten up with honey if you like. Take at least two cups daily for about half a liter.


Walnut TeaWalnut tea

In 1 l boiled water put  20 g of  walnut leafs (fresh), leaving it stand for about 15 minutes and drain it. Take one soup spoon a day, before every lunch.

Horseradish tea

In one liter of water put 20 g of horseradish root and cook it for approximate 20 minutes. Let it to stand overnight, drain and drink two cups of this tea a day, between meals.


Garlic tincture

Clean 300 g garlic, add it in alcohol and leave it to stand for three weeks. When the alcohol has evaporated completely, drink 20 drops a day, dissolved in half a glass of milk.

Cocoa cream

Mix 250 g of cocoa, 250 g brown sugar and 250 g honey, 250 g of butter, 2 tablespoons sea salt and 7 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Place this smoothie in a glass jar and take one spoon three times a week.

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