Apricot Seeds Oil – The B-17 Natural Source

The story of vitamin B-17 mostly contained in the apricot seeds, is not some falsely spread story, but in fact, it’s totally true and real.

Surely at least once in our life, when we somehow got ill, asked ourselves – do and where do I’ve made a mistake?

Then we start to realize how bad nutrition we were using, while putting almost everything in our subtle organisms, which by their nature are not created to fight with all the inventions of the 21st century, promoted by the food industry: additives, flavorings, fruits full of pesticides, insecticides, various toxins etc.


At the same time and in the same 21st century, the people of the tiny Himalayan Kingdom – Hunza, still own the primacy of the most healthy and long-living people on the planet … Inevitably the question arises – why these people are healthy and vital even after their 100th? – And why they are not familiar with terms like cancer, tumor or even cavities? The Hunza sent us the answer packed in one tiny bottle – Hunza oil from the seed of the apricot!

Hunza Oil B-17Made from Himalaya apricots that never seen chemical preparations, from the seeds crushed with stone by human hand, wrung by the hands of women in Hunza – this oil has not come into contact with any kind of metal – (which would normally decrease its healing properties).

For these reasons, the Hunza oil from apricot seed, presents original and unique product, manufactured by hand, unmatched according to quality with every single type of oil which the market offers. And produced only in limited quantities.

At the Hunza, which among others, are the only class society in the world, the status of families is measured by how many apricot trees they have in their yard. Until a decade, apricots were primary payment method in this Himalayan Kingdom.

They constantly use the apricots oil in their daily diet. Women used it as a single cosmetic product by applying to their face, so hence, the 80-year-old women in Hunza look like an average 50 years woman from the western world.

They also apply it on their hair, against hair loss, for thicker and shinier look. Because of the large presence of all B vitamins (mostly B-17), it soothes the body, so they give some to their babies at night, before sleep, for a calming dream


What are the effects of the use of Hunza – apricot seed oil?

This oil contains a large percentage of naturally produced B-17 in its composition. B-17 is also called amygdalin or laetril or recently known as the most powerful ally in the fight against cancer!

Our body constantly produces cancerous cells, which in normal conditions, get immediately destroyed by our immune system. But in case of a stress, fatigue or weakness, the proliferation of these cells is too big to be overcome by the immune system.

Then the B-17 starts its role. He immediately steps on the side of the immune system and directly attacks cancer cells! One molecule of B-17 is composed of two sugar units, 1 unit of benzaldehyde and 1 unit naturally created cyanide, housed and locked between the 3 previously said atoms.

If no cancer cell is present in the body, this dangerous cyanide stays locked all the time and is completely harmless to the human body. It can only be unlocked by enzyme secreted by a cancer cell and only one touch with that enzyme, triggers reaction that immediately releases this powerful substance that destroys the cancer cell!

Apricot Seeds - Source of B-17It is known that cancer cells prefer sugar and therefore immediately attach to the 2 sugar units contained in the B-17, not knowing that in this case, the sugar along, brings powerful killer, which completely destroys them.

Therefore,it is rightly said that the apricot seed oil is the most powerful ally in fight against cancer! And thus, easily available and created by nature!

Except as prevention of tumors, this oil is also used against symptoms of asthma and with its anti inflammatory benefits, it can treat serious skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis and acne. This oil is used for feeding of dry and elderly skin, prevents loss and strengthens the hair follicles.

Besides the largest percentage of B-17 and the rest of B vitamins, the Hunza oil from the apricot seed is rich with other natural vitamins (especially A and E), linoleic and other essential fatty acids, minerals and other natural created nutritional elements and is treated as one of the most powerful natural antioxidant of today!

It is great because of the fact that gets perfectly absorbed into the skin and leaves no fatty traces, causes no allergic reactions even to the most sensitive skin (therefore, this oil is often the basis for many baby preparations).


How to consume

Every morning and every night before going to sleep are taken 7-10 drops of the oil, using wooden or plastic spoon. The Hunza, daily add 5-6 drops in their children’s milk. With the same oil, they massage them after bathing. When applied to the skin, visibly revitalizes, refreshes and smoothes the same.

Few drops in morning and the evening are totally enough. In Hunza say that you can use it as much as you can and whenever you can.

Bring back the power of B-17 in your body!

The story of vitamin B-17, mostly contained in the apricot seeds, is not some falsely spread story, but in fact, it's totally true and real.
Date Published: 06/05/2015
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