Birch Sap – Natural Cure for Kidney Stones


This story was told by few Romanian residents which were using the birch water/sap as a main healing source for some diseases such as for breaking up kidney stones.


March and the beginning of April is traditionally the best time for collecting of birch water.
From the experience most suitable trees for collecting birch water are those between the ages of ten and fifteen years.

The collection process  is very simple. With special wimble, you drill hole on the sunny side of the birch tree, below that you set a small metal hopper and on a boarded nail above it you hang a plastic bucket. There is also another alternative method like putting the tip of one of the tree branches inside a hanging bottle in which later the water will be collected.

Silver Birch tapping

During the warmer days, daily you can collect between five and ten or even fifteen liters of water, which then it can be used for drinking instead of regular water, especially for those who want to get rid of kidney stones.

Many people were pursued  by personal from the examples of it’s healing properties, like that is excellent cure for the kidneys, bladder and all other parts in the human body.
Besides that, while we consume it, there are very small chance’s for appearance of any kind of caries on our teeth.

Within the first day of usage, the birch water has sweetish taste, and after a while due to the fermentation process,  becomes sour on taste.
To some, five liters are enough, but in other cases, for some it can take up to thirty liters, after which they can feel the benefit from the birch water.

Where can you find birch

Birch Trees

Birch as deciduous tree mostly grows throughout Europe and Asia, it is very resistant and flexible,  and does not tolerate swampy soil. It’s life expectancy is about 100 years. It can grow up to 20 meters, with up to 60 centimeters thickness.
Old Slavs and Celts used birch tree in numerous customs. Otherwise, it is known as the symbol of spring. The curative properties of its juice, were well known since the ancient times.

Besides the already mentioned medicinal properties, birch water is used as a supplement in shampoos and various means against hair loss and symptoms of dandruff.
In the culinary birch sap can be used as an ingredient in food or drinks, such as birch beer or wintergreen flavored candy.

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