Bottle Gourd Juice – 10 Tasty Reasons Why To Use It

The bottle gourd health benefits were recognized by many health and cooking experts who have brought forward many recipes to include this humble gourd in daily diet, but if you have been looking for more health benefits then you definitely should opt for the bottle gourd juice.

Some foods are worth eating because of its taste while some others have health benefits that make them worth to be included in the daily diet.

Whether you are a bottle gourd lover because of its taste or not, there are still many reasons to include this green gourd in your diet.

Bottle Gourd Plantation

Taste of bottle gourd would not be welcomed by all taste buds, but here are the 10 reasons that would make this vegetable juice top your diet chart.

1. All season juice for entire family

Bottle gourd is about 96% water and hence you would get lot of juice from every gourd. You will have more juice for the entire family.

Unlike other fruits and vegetables, bottle gourd is easily available in all seasons and can be found conveniently in your neighborhood. The vitamin and anti-oxidant rich juice has more health in every glass. The affordability of bottle gourd makes it pocket friendly all season refreshment.

2. Vitamins and minerals loaded in every cup

Each cup of bottle gourd works as the powerhouse of vitamin and minerals. It contains 26 mg of vitamin C that repairs the cell damage. It also works as active anti-oxidant preventing ageing (Excellent smoothie with anti aging effect).

The production of collagen is increased to keep your skin glowing and ageless.

Other vital mineral present in each cup of bottle gourd juice is zinc. It would supply 1.8 mg of zinc in every cup, resulting into hormone regulation and healthy cell functioning. (Check out some of the many Zinc health benefits in our daily life).

Other vitamins and minerals stored in bottle gourd juice are sodium, potassium, iron, and vitamin B that all have important role in your organ functioning.

3. Use Bottle Gourd as Natural coolant

Having this natural coolant in summers may keep you cool in the summer heat. Include more of this summer cooler in your daily diet and keep yourself hydrated even after lot of sweating.

It is the natural way of replenishing the lost water during summer days. The watery juice would keep you full and hydrated, combat your untimely food or drink cravings, and most importantly provide you the daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

4. Low on calorie and high on health

This easy to extract juice would act as the perfect drink for your mid-meal cravings as it is low on calories and high on health. You will end up consuming only 15 calories from every 100 g or one cup of bottle gourd juice, which is simply great for those on low calorie diet.

With 96% water content, it has just 1 g fat. High dietary fiber, low saturated fat, and loads of minerals like manganese, magnesium, zinc, and iron would make this juice the health rich drink for all day drinking.

5. Aids digestion and relieves constipation

Dietary fibers aid the digestion and prevents constipation. (Constipation – Causes and Fast Natural Treatment).

More fibers would ensure that all the toxins and impurities from the body are flushed out well.

Bottle gourd juice contains soluble and insoluble fibers that may regulate the bowel movement. Those who are suffering from piles or fissures can find relief from pain by aiding bowel movement.

The cooling effect may also fight the problems like acid reflux to support digestion. Include this juice in you each meal and note the difference!

6. Fights Blood Pressure

Blood pressure or hypertension has become very common in today’s fast paced lives. Constant high blood pressure would eventually result into other health problems.

This juice neutralizes the harmful effect of sodium in your diet, keeping the blood pressure under control. (How To Reduce High Blood Pressure Completely Naturally).

7. Combats urinary disorders

Bottle gourd juice acts as natural diuretic to support the easy passage of urine. The cooling effect of this juice would help in relieving the burning sensation at the time of passing urine.

Those suffering from urinary tract infection or having high level of uric acid may benefit from the bottle gourd juice. The alkaline nature of this juice would neutralize the acids present in urine and hence would be beneficial in urinary tract infection.

This natural diuretic would increase the frequency of urinating to flush out toxins and impurities. This would also prevent issues like kidney stones. (check some of these excellent Natural Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections).

8. Beautiful skin and hair

Your skin and hair are reflection of your overall health. The fiber rich juice cleanses your system and establishes the pH balance in your body.

It brings you more vitamins and minerals that are vital to your skin and hair. You can avail the benefit of this super juice by orally consuming or applying it externally along with other ingredients.

The anti-oxidants would prevent ageing while internal cleansing would offer beautiful hair and flawless skin.

9. Liver Inflammation

Liver inflammation and other problems related to liver function can be addressed effectively with this simple juice.

If your liver is having problems in processing food then your body would be devoid of several vital nutrients. Bottle gourd juice is considered to be perfect recipe to cure liver inflammation as per Ayurveda (Science of natural medicine in India).

10. Weight Loss

This is the complete diet that is low on calories and high on nutrition. It fights constipation and removes all impurities from the body.

Flushing effect of this juice would remove excess fat from your body and make your body free of unwanted fats.

Having this low calorie juice whenever there is food craving would keep you hydrated, offer nutrition, and may not add to your weight. The 15 g calories and 1 g fat in 100 g of bottle gourd juice makes it the best thing to lose weight.

These 10 health packed reasons to have bottle gourd juice would surely make you love this tasty blend more than all other juices as it is affordable, convenient, easily available, and the one point solution to all your health problems.

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