Breakfast – Like it or not, it’s the Best Shot

To be healthy and maintain an energetic mood during the day, you have to start your day with a good breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal because it’s the one responsible for the energy that you need at the beginning of the day and  serves to start your day the right way.

However, very often people make mistakes when it comes to the first meal, and they know that the consequences are very negative. 

Because of this you need to take care for yourself and what you eat when you get up, trying to avoid the following mistakes:

Don’t blend the fruit you eat

Fresh Fruit

You have to know that this process leads to the loss of most of the vitamins, minerals and fiber. Instead, drink a glass of water and eat the whole fruit. 

Short breakfast

Eating everything that it comes in handy, will not help you avoid excess calories. There is a myth saying you will not get overweight if you eat what you want after a long period of starving. Breakfast should be plentiful, but the food must be carefully chosen.


Pay attention to caffeine intake

One cup of coffee or tea can improve mood and metabolism, but avoid drinking large quantities. This can lead to problems with sleep and do so reflect negatively on your organism.

Girl With Chocolate Face

Avoid sweets for breakfast

They are not recommended, because they do not provide you the necessary energy. If you get tempted, remember that you need to eat healthy breakfast.


Unhealthy breakfast

Eat handful of nuts and seeds or bowl of cereal and fruit instead of chocolate chip pancakes or muffin sandwiches with mayonnaise. Lots of calories and fat can lead to increased blood sugar levels and then to disease.

Don’t avoid having a breakfast

Even though you do not feel hunger or are in a hurry, make sure you have your breakfast. If you skip breakfast, it will slow down your metabolism. Toast, fruit or seeds are a healthy breakfast.

Avoid too rich breakfasts

Reach Food

Your breakfast should be plentiful, but not exaggerated. Do not eat too much donuts, muffins, cereal and fresh fruit cocktails. Instead, eat eggs, oatmeal or wheat cereal and drink milk also.


Do not eat right away after you get up 

After waking do not intake food immediately into your body. Prior to that, drink a glass of warm water that will start up your metabolism and help you in case you suffer from gastric diseases.

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