Breaking Fear Barriers – New Discovery Found

There is no single person who has never faced with fear.
Fear is an emotion that we occur when something totally unreal, starts to seem real.

As the fear sets a number of symptoms preventing a normal life, we must learn how to put on him.

Fear is an important basic human emotion that does not alert to any serious danger.
In normal situations, we usually call back control after a certain period when fear was activated, but when fear begins to control us as seen in patients suffering from phobias, anxiety or panic attacks, then our lives are full of stress.

A group of scientists from Israel had discovered the part of the brain that controls fear.
They hope that with this discovery maybe one day will make it possible to produce a cure for various kinds of phobias.

The researchers studied the brain’s response to Ophidiophobia or fear of snakes. Volunteers who suffer and who do not suffer from this phobia got their brain scanned while they were watching a teddy bear or a live snake passing before their eyes.


With a press of a button, the soft toy or the snake were brought closer or away from the participants of the experiment.

The researchers found that the part of the brain, or the cingulate cortex, (the area of the brain which controls emotions), starts to become lighter on the scanner when the volunteers who suffer from Ophidiophobia were brave enough to approach the snake itself.

By this discovery, scientists hope that one day there might be produced many types of drugs against various types of phobias which negatively affect the quality and way of life for many people.

They, however, fear that their finding could be misused, for example, to ” delete ” the fear in the behavior of modern soldiers.

Do not be concerned if your child has fears. All we are afraid of something at some time during our lives. But if his fear is so great so it can not perform his normal daily activities, you should consult a specialist.


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