Bulletproof coffee – To Boost Your Day

Bulletproof coffee (or simply coffee with a butter) in the morning is one of the latest trend`s sweeping over the world.

This combination is supposed to contribute to our greater productivity and creativity in the early morning and during the whole day ahead.


Experts say that when the coffee comes in questioning, most important is how we feel two hours after we had the first cup.

Usually one cup of coffee causes hunger and fatigue just two hours after eating. That`s why the butter will not let you feel these crises throughout the day and after only one cup you’ll be full of energy for the challenges that lie ahead.

Bulletproof Coffee RecipeThis is not a new discovery, many people use various additives like cinnamon, cardamom or cocoa in their morning coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee CupHere’s how to prepare one great Bulletproof coffee:

Do not spare the coffee, so nicely fill the spoon with instant coffee.

Do not pour the water in the cup until it start`s to boil, but be careful not to boil over.

Take one teaspoon salt-free, organic butter and put it along with the cup of coffee in a blender.

Stir until butter melts.


Cheers! 🙂

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