Cabbage Health Benefits – The Veggie Of Life

Cabbage health benefits is known as a plant that causes gas in certain people, but it turns out that it has many other health benefits.

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that this leafy vegetable has the ability to lower the chances of developing a myriad of health issues including heart disease and diabetes.

Health Benefits

The usefulness of cabbage goes far beyond its protective properties and this veggie is used for healing too (indigestion, wounds etc.).

Natural Pain Reliever

Its leaves are often used to ease pain and restrain inflammation. A scientific study conducted by the scientists at the University of Missouri has discovered a link between apigenin, a rare flavonoid that is part of cabbage and provides anti-inflammatory effects.

If the pain is mild, you can use a compress made of its leaves.

This is how: Take a few leaves and wash them thoroughly. Wait until they become dry. Use the dry, clean leaves on the problematic and painful area.

Keep the leaves on this area with the help of an adhesive plaster or a bandage and let them stay there during the night.

Replace the compress with a new one every day.

In order to prepare this remedy, you can use any kind of cabbage leaves even though some experts believe that red cabbage leaves work the best.

Lower Heart Disease Risk

Anthocyanin is a pigment soluble in water found in red cabbage. This pigment has been related to lowering of inflammation.

Increased levels of polyphenol in cabbage have also been linked to stabilization in blood pressure which ultimate means better heart health.

If you want to avoid heart disease, follow these tips:

– Store the cabbage in a way that will make it as raw as possible in order to protect the nutrients in it.
– Replace the lettuce in salads with it
– Consume two tablespoons of cabbage (cooked) on a daily basis
– Consume one cup of raw cabbage juice on a daily basis

Cabbage that comes in a fermented form like kimchi or sauerkraut is able to boost our digestive health.

The fermented one contains probiotics that are able to boost the mineral and vitamin absorption. In addition, the enzymes in all fermented products support the work of the digestive tract.

When you want to use cabbage for digestion and stomach problems, you can try:
– Consuming raw cabbage, separately or together with other foods in order to ease constipation.
– Taking cabbage juice extract in a capsule to heal stomach ulcers.
– Consuming cabbage juice (preferably made from white or green cabbage) between each of the main meals to fight diarrhea.
– Handling Type 2 Diabetes

According to the ADA (American Diabetes Association), cabbage has an ability to slow down the process of absorption of sugar in people who are prone to developing diabetes or people who
already have type 2 diabetes, which is the most frequent type of diabetes.

Cabbage is packed with fiber and this is why it has the ability to absorb higher amounts of glucose in the body.

If you want to prevent and control your diabetes, try some of these things:

– Using it as a side dish, three to four times a week.
– Drinking cabbage juice, two times a day
– Eating boiled cabbage with a few drops of lemon for taste.
– Accelerating wound healing

Another amazing property of cabbage is the ability to speed up and support wound healing.

In order to support wound healing, cabbage must be prepared in the following way:

– Take some green cabbage leaves, wash them thoroughly and then dry them.
– Use a rolling pin to make the leaves flat and cut them.
– Put the flattened leaves in a microwave and heat them for about 60 seconds.
– Don’t forget that the leaves must be replaced every few hours in the beginning and after that every four to five hours.

Soak Up Secretion from Ingrown Toenails and other Sores

In addition, the fresh leaves have the ability to soak up secretion from ingrown toenails and other sores.

If you want to use it for this purpose, follow these instructions:

Take a few leaves, tie them in the affected area or use a big bandage to keep them in place.

Let the leaves sit there during the night. Replace the leaves on a daily basis until you notice that the problem is gone.

What makes cabbage very special is the fact that it can be used in many ways for many different ailments.

It can also be used independently or together with other products. For example, there is a remedy for eczema based on cabbage, which includes chamomile tea, dried bilberries and
watercress too.

This remedy is used topically. Of course, this vegetable cannot be used as a replacement for regular medications or to heal every ailment, but the fact is that every individual
can find it very useful.

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