Cancer Can Be Beaten

In order to allow rooting and growth of cancer cells in our body, it is first necessary to weaken the immune system, increase the toxicity in our organism followed by significant lack of nutrients in it.

Evidence supplied by some scientific researches, show that there are hundreds of known and effective anti cancer drugs. Here are some very simple protocols that can do wonders during the cancer treatment.

Baking Soda and Water against Cancer
Baking Soda

One tablespoon of baking soda and juice from one organic lemon, mixed with 250ml of water, taken several times a day, will successfully reduce the acidity in the body.

Cancer cells can not thrive in alkaline environment.



Sanguinaria Canadensis
Sanguinaria Canadensis

Or Bloodroot, is a perennial herb that contains the alkaloid called Sanguinarin. It kills cancer cells and does not destroys healthy cells.

It can be taken orally or applied directly to the skin as a remedy against skin and other external forms of cancer.

Vitamin D

Inspection of vitamin D in the blood and its balancing can help in the prevention of cancer diseases and to assist in the fight against cancer.
A study from 2006, has shown how low levels of vitamin D were associated with reduced survival rate of cancer at female patients struggling with cancer during post menopausal period.


… A medicinal mushroom, which is studied for years in laboratories. It has been shown that Chaga is changing the immune system and that poses many anti cancer properties.

Herbal Tea Essiac
Herbal tea – Essiac

The original blend of this tea is an old recipe from the native Indians, which was used by this population for hundreds of years.

The Canadian medical nurse has learned from the Indians for their tea recipe and began sharing it with patients who have struggled with cancer, after which the patients started incredibly quickly to heal and recover.

This tea is a combination of several anticancer herbs and plants that cleanse the body. All the patients need to do is take this tea several times a day.


Flax oil and young unsqueezed cheese

Dr. Johanna Budwig, German bio – chemist and a doctor, is a woman who has created a natural way of treating cancer with a rate of 90% successful cures for a period of 50 years. The combination of flax seed oil and a young unsqueezed cheese, feeds the body with essential fatty acids and lipoproteins, causing reduction of tumors followed by health boost.


CannabisCannabis Oil – Cannabis sativa subsp. sativa var. indica

Cannabinoids in cannabis oil kill the cancer cells and just like other herbal remedies, do not destroy healthy cells.

There are numerous scientific studies that have confirmed how important cannabis oil is in the treatment of many types of cancer, including breast cancer.



85% of the human population in the world has too little iodine in the body. As volume and production of estrogen increase in the human body an iodine deficiency occurs, so we must be sure to provide regular check of iodine in the blood.

By this we prevent estrogen not causing an mutation of cells and increase the formation of cysts and tumors. That`s why all hormonal contraceptives are highly carcinogenic.


Melatonin is a powerful inhibitor for creation of cancer cells. In fact, laboratory studies have shown that melatonin “puts to sleep” breast cancer cells and reduces their growth by 70%.

Melatonin also prevents the negative effects of estrogen in the body, which we consume from our environment. (Milk, meat, milk and meat products, fish and farmed seafood).

Broccoli SproutsBroccoli sprouts

This vegetable is very valuable for its anticancer properties.

Broccoli sprouts contain sulforofane that not only kill cancer cells but also prevents them from growing and spreading throughout the body, including many types of cancer.

There are hundreds of known natural anti-cancer drugs that saved countless lives around the world. Of course, the cure from cancer has mandatory coverage for health of the body as a whole. Changes in rhythm and lifestyle and eating habits are essential to fight over this disease because Cancer is a symptom, not a cause!

If you know someone who is struggling with cancer, please give them these information, because maybe they are their only hope for survival.

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