Can’t Sleep? Well Now You Will

Millions of people have problems with insomnia or other sleep disorders and can’t sleep peacefully. It is well known that the lack of sleep is really bad for our body.

If you are not getting enough sleep, your concentration is getting poor so you become more exposed to increased risk of heart disease.
But with these tricks, you can fall asleep very quickly and sleep a lot better than before.

Can't sleep not anymore

1) “Turn off everything” an hour before you go to sleep

If you’re going to bed at noon, at 11 pm dim the lights and turn off all electrical appliances.
Build yourself a different routine at bedtime. Mobile phone, laptop and your tv
should not radiate you before bedtime because that will surely interfere your sleep.

2) Take a shower

A warm shower or a warm bath can be very useful. Body temperature drops quickly
when you leave the heated bathroom, and studies have shown that a reduction in
temperature can cause drowsiness because the heart rate decreases and the
metabolism slow down. Do so, your body and your brain will fall in hibernation much easier.

3) Wear socks

The most ideal would be that before sleeping your limbs are warmed, and the rest of the body a little less. One study found that wearing socks dilates blood vessels
and stimulates blood flow, which contributes to establishing the perfect temperature
for sleeping.

4) Try the 4-7-8 Exercise

It happens to almost everyone, that no matter what you’ve tried you still can’t sleep. Breathing exercises may come helpful in this case. Breathe in through the nose slowly for some 4 seconds, focus on the lungs which get filled with air, keep your breath for 7 seconds and slowly exhale through the mouth for about 8 seconds.

5) Do not go to bed until you become sleepy

If you’re sleepy and decide to go to bed, you will certainly fall asleep. But as more time you spend lying in your bed, the worse you are doing.
Better seven hours of sleep, rather than nine hours lying in the bed.

6) Get out of bed

If you can’t sleep, lying and tumbling will not put you in sleep, but contrary, you will become more strained. Stand up and turn on some dimmer light.
Do things which calm you down like – read something, fill in the crosswords, drink tea – anything that is helpful.

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7) Do not stare at the clock

The more you look at the clock, it will be harder for you. If you constantly check what time it is, you create more and more pressure to yourself to fall asleep.
Turn the clock to the other side and do not check the time. Nothing will change if you know what’s the current time. Just make sure you’ve set up the alarm and close your cute little eyes. 🙂

8) Clear your thoughts as much as you can

One of the most common therapy that I use when I can’t sleep is trying to block my thoughts as much as I can. After the busy day, filled with raging situations we finally get in our bed, it is very difficult to clear our mind from all of those moments that happened that day.

I’ve managed to overcome this by trying as much as I can to block all my thoughts that fly in and out in my mind. Believe me or not, this is, for now, one of my best techniques for falling asleep. Try it and you’ll see the results.

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Waiting for your opinions and your personal tips and tricks you use when you can’t sleep. Write them in the comments below.
Thanks and have a great sleep. 🙂

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