Coconut & Peach Ice Cream

With this super tasty coconut and peach ice cream we guarantee you an excellent pleasure during the hot summer days.
The combination of coconut milk with the freshly chopped peaches will soothe your senses and give you one great feel of distress.

Peaches have been cultivated since ages. China is their place of origin in which in those times they were considered as symbol of friendship and immortality.
One peach has 35 to 50 calories in its substitution without any single gram of fat. That’s why it is an excellent ally when weight loss comes in questioning.

Coconut and peach are flavors that are amazingly complementary, and if you add thyme to their combination, you will definitely get a completely different pleasure for your senses.


Summer is not yet over, so you can still make a use of it and make yourself an remarkable coconut and peach ice cream.


Coconut and Peach Ice Cream


Wash and peel the peaches and chop them in a form of triangles. Arrange them in a pyrex pan and add the honey and choped thyme. Bake for about 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. Place the baked peaches in a blender, along with the juice that they got loose during their baking.

Add the coconut milk and cream, then stir the whole mixture. Allow the mixture to cool, then mix it as ice cream using a mixer and mix until gets smooth. Allow it to freeze for several hours, then serve your new dessert.
Your coconut and peach ice cream is ready. Don’t forget to completely relax and enjoy in it. 🙂

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