Constipation – Causes and Fast Natural Treatment

Constipation represents heavy and irregular bowel movements

The occasional appearance of constipation is not a sign of concern, while in the case of chronic type, you need to examine the primary disorder.

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Causes of constipation

The most common cause of constipation is a diet low in fiber and fluids.

Excessive intake of alcohol and coffee also causes constipation.

The long period of lying or sitting and omission of physical activity significantly influence the delayed operation of the intestines.

Certain types of disorders, such as hypothyroidism (disproportion between the need tissues for thyroid hormones and the ability of the thyroid gland in the secretion of substances) and depression, and the use of certain medications can lead to constipation.

Among other things, it is very common after surgery of the stomach, constipation to occur, as well as after birth and in people with hemorrhoids who during emptying the intestines are exposed to pain.

– Insufficient intake of fluids or dehydration;
– Low consumption of foods rich in fiber;
– Lack of physical activity;
Irritable bowel syndrome;
– Changes in lifestyle (diet, travel, pregnancy, etc.);
– Ignoring the need for a bowel movement or postponement of the discharge;
– Frequent use of laxatives;
– Diseases of the thyroid (hypothyroidism), Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure, depression, hemorrhoids;
– Certain medications.

Chronic constipation may be linked to disruption of the functioning of the colon, so review and consultation with a doctor are imminent.



If constipation is a result of your lifestyle, there are several steps you can take to get rid of it or shorten its duration.

Foods with fiber
The most common cause of constipation is the lack of fiber in the diet. They are connecting with the water in the intestine, start swelling and help the body to easier discharge the content along with the accumulated toxins.

To easily cope with the symptoms you should eat: apples, beans, potatoes, carrots, brown rice, dried plum, wheat germ, fresh fruit, green vegetables, all kinds of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts), pumpkin, sunflower, broccoli, peas.

Everyone who suffers from constipation should drink enough water. Drink a few sips every half hour and it is also recommended, in the water, to add a little honey or citrus juice.

You can always use lemon to treat constipation, which also cleans the digestive system. You need the juice of half lemon added in a cup of warm water.

Add a little sea salt and a little honey.
Drink the mixture every morning on an empty stomach.
For a period of 2-3 days, the symptoms of constipation will disappear.
Increase your fluid intake, because over time, it may lead to an improper emptying of the stomach. Do not suppress the need for a bowel movement.

Delayed emptying can cause constipation. Try to establish a daily habit of bowel movement preferable every day at the same time.

Flax Seeds
The flax seeds are used to protect the mucous membrane and due to softening property, are also used for constipation and bowel cleansing.

Ground flax seeds, on the one hand, soften the contents of the intestines, and, on the other hand, they “lubricate” the intestines and facilitate the movement of the content through them.
For prevention of constipation, it is recommended a daily consumption of one tablespoon of ground flax seed, in addition to the basic meal.

It is important to emphasize that this natural remedy is not at all harmful, so have no fear to use it as an additive along your meals.
Apart from helping in constipation, flaxseed reduces the cholesterol, stimulates detoxification of the body, reduces the risk of breast cancer and other cancers.

Unlike various laxatives, which in excessive amounts or abused by their use can lead to serious side effects, flax seed is a completely healthy product without adverse health consequences.

Constipation represents heavy and irregular bowel movements. Occasional appearance of constipation is not a sign of concern, while in the case of chronic type, you need to examine the primary disorder.
Date Published: 05/16/2015
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