Cool Heat-Sensitive Mug Collection to Warm You Up

During the cold period, you’re definitely hooked up with your mug in your hands filled with hot tea or cocoa.

Check these cool hot-sensitive mug designs and pick your favorite one.


1. Connect The Stars

Connect All Stars Mug

When you look at the sky at night, all you see are stars. But if you connect the stars with lines you will reveal the amazing constellations.  Fill this mug with hot liquid and in no time it will reveal the constellations right before your eyes.
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2. Disappearing Dinosaur

Dinosaur Fossil Mug

Filling up this mug with hot cocoa or milk will turn those dinosaurs into fossils. Just like that comet once did the same thing to these creatures.
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3. Open Your Eyes

Wake Up Mug

This cup will mimic your face while you drink your morning coffee.
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Alice In Wonedrlad Mug

Pour in your drink, and the feline from Alice in Wonderland disappears to just a grin, in typical Cheshire Cat fashion.
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5. Mug Recharging (My favorite)

Mug Recharging

When your drink needs to recharge (reheat), this cool techy mug will alert you with its green indicator.
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6. Check your Health State 🙂

Health State Mug

Cool pixel heart style mug. The healthy heart will glow in red as soon as you poor your favorite hot drink. Just beware not to burn your lips from that hot cocoa. 🙂
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7. Pac-Man Style

Pac Man Mug

Bring back you child memories while you drink from this cup. See how Pac-Man starts to appear as soon as you fill it with hot liquid.
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8. Tetris (Bricks)

Tetris Bricks Mug

Specially designed for gamers who have hard time staying away from their consoles.
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9. Board This Time Machine

Travel Machine Mug

See how the Tardis will magically travel from the English street right into the galaxy as soon as you poor hot liquid in this cup.
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10. Bear this mug

Bears Mug

As soon as you start filling this black sleepy teddy bear with hot liquid, it will turn into one cute smiley panda.
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11. King Henry VIII’s Wives

Henry Wives Mug

As soon as you poor hot drink, the terrible destiny of King Henry the 8th’s wives, will fade their faces and appear written on the cup.
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12. The Winter is Coming

Winterfell Mug

The Starks know cold, but they also know how to keep warm. Cuddle up with your mug and the Stark’s house words of warning.
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13. Batman Forever

Batman Forever Mug

Fight the dark forces by filling this cup with hot milk. 🙂 Watch it how it reveals the true hero of all times. The Batman.
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14. Let Rudolph Light up Your Way

Rudolph Mug

Fill this cup with hot drink and see how Rudolph’s nose will start to glow. Marry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.
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15. Forever In Love

Forever in Love Mug

Watch how this young couple grows old but still stays in love as soon as you feel the cup with hot drink.
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During the cold period, you're definitely hooked up with your mug in your hands filled with hot tea or cocoa.Check these cool hot-sensitive mug designs and pick your favorite one.
Date Published: 01/08/2016
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