Cranberries – The Health Leader Among Fruits

Hardly any plant with its fruits, like cranberries, which is a natural antibiotic, has confirmed its contribution to health, especially for treatment of the urinary tract.

Its fruits are rich in various protective substances containing minerals, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

The red solid globular form has got it from the presence of the large amount of vitamin C which that’s why they have that sour taste.

Besides this, the cranberries as a healing herb are known since long time ago. From its leaves people were and are making many kind of teas and juices. The fruits can be stored frozen or dried, and can be used for preparing delicious jams and sweets.

Fresh cranberries, juiced, frozen or dried, are natural antibiotics that destroy harmful bacteria in the body.
Bioflavonoids have special antibacterial action which was showed by the tests that cranberries can prevent many types of illness like the occurrence of urinary tract infections (E. Coll bacteria), they also destroy the  Helicobacter (bacteria) one of the main cause of stomach ulcers, reduce the risk of teeth and teeth tissue infections.

Also the ingredients in the cranberries reduce the risk of cancer (such as breast and colon cancer), and prevent its spreading trough the body. Cranberries help to restore the vision and reduce the blood sugar levels which is beneficial for diabetics.

They are very beneficial in the diet regime of people susceptible to stress and cardiovascular disease.

Cranberries are used as supplies for cakes and pastries, fruit juices and more. If the fruits are processed into juice, tea or jam, they become a real source for health.

How does cranberries act?

The most common and most inconvenient infection of the urinary tract is the E. Coli bacteria. Cranberry juice somehow prevents the adhesion of this harmful bacteria to the urinary tract, by letting the urine to be more easily expelled from the body.

Despite so many useful properties of the cranberries, do not pretend to be “your own doctors.” If you think you have a urinary tract infection (burning, or abdominal pain as the most common symptoms) certainly visit your medic. Every infection can lead to more serious complications.

100% pure cranberry juice can be found in almost every health food store. Its price maybe is not so cheap, but when it comes our health in question we should not be very doubtful.

Cranberries are antibiotics commonly used for the treatment of the urinary system. The tea is used for spasms of bladder and kidney inflammation. It also helps for people who suffer from gout and rheumatism.

Tea Preparation:

Cranberries TeaIf there is no explanation on the  packaging for the preparation, follow these instructions:

Teaspoon or filter bag ,dip with 0.2 liter hot water. Cover and leave to stand for 5 to 10 min.

Strain it and you have a freshly prepared tea.

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