Depression: Causes and treatment

Depression, anxiety and other mental disorders today are massively widespread. If you were lucky enough to have it, do not blame yourself for that, because depression is an illness like any other, which can and must be treated.

Depression is a mood disorder that affects the body and mind.


The most common symptoms pointing to depression are:

* Most mandatory symptom is lack of joy of life, or at least reduction of enjoying the many activities compared to the period before the disease.
* Feeling of sadness or grief that is not caused by a recent loss. The patient sometimes feels more empty than sad, or states that is both sad and empty.
* Dejected –  as loss of interest in hobbies and anything that patient enjoyed in before.
* Fear occurs in many patients, most often associated with the thought that something bad will happen.
* Reduction of sleep, usually as insomnia and early awakening, but in young adults and a heightened need for sleep.
* Bad thoughts: usually  about disease, suicide and death.
* Difficulty in making decisions.
* Low energy and fast fatigue.
* A sense of guilt, worthlessness and helplessness.
* Permanent physical disorders as headache, stabbing, drift, chronic pain.
* Irritability
* Inability for relaxation.
* Weight loss or weight gain.

Causes of depression

Sad man sittingSometimes depression is an inherited disease and occurs in families, especially bipolar type.

And in other types of depression we usually find out that one of the ancestors had “thin nerves”, or was suffering from some other mental disorders.
Every man can suffer from depression, but to those people who are by nature emotional, fearful, lower self-esteem, those who tolerate injustice thesis and criticism, depression is more likely to occur.

Exposure to chronic stress, changes the function and structure of the brain, and in many times, depression may be explained like accumulation of harmful effects of stress.
The constitution here also has an important role as it determines under which burden and after how much time will breakdown come.

There are dozens of theories for the cause of depression, from virus related to psychological, leaving us with no precise answer.
However, our knowledge is increasing every day and after, we first learned the membrane, nucleus and then branches. Day is not far when we’ll write about the causes of depression with more confidence.

Diagnosis and treatment

Very often, the diagnosis for depression is not so difficult to be set up. Just ask a patient whether he is sad, scared, dejected, or if he can laugh out loud out from his self.

Therefore, it is inconceivable that two-thirds of depression cases are un-diagnosed, untreated or inadequately wrongly treated.

When it`s recognized that the patient has a mental disturbance, unreasonably are given sedatives and neurotics, some who have only a short-term effect. Depression is treated with antidepressants, period!!!  And sedatives and neurotics should be prescribed only when there is an justification for them.

Depression StressIt is vain to expect that the depression will pass on by itself. It my happen but rarely. To expect that with a strong power of will, positive thinking, you will beat depression. It was the will and optimism that had disappeared in the patient and he is already powerless to restore them.

lame tips and advice’s given to the patient may do more harm than good because they may causes a feeling of guilt and indicate that the patient’s condition is not quite understood.This deep understanding of the patient condition is the starting point in the treatment of depression.

You must posses this kind of inner feeling inside you to be able to understand this state which can not be seen and can not be expressed in figures.For those who can’t, we can compare depression with diabetes.

At some, it’s the serotonin that is reduced, in other, the insulin.Extremely simplistic, it is enough to understand the disturbance in body’s chemistry, whom we can not act on our own.

There are many psychiatrists who know a lot about depression more than what is written in this article. They have at their disposal a modern antidepressants to treat depression, which can act more successful and with lower risk.

In addition to the medicament’s to the patient also should be given a big part of understanding, compassion and faith for healing.

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