Dreamy Coconut Smoothie With Pineapple


Are you for a glass of tropical coconut smoothie with pineapple?

Coconut milk is becoming more and more popular daily drink these days because it`s easy for digestion and has low sugar properties.

With the closely arrival of the summer we bring you a fine recipe for a tropical coconut smoothie in combination with banana and pineapple, which will cool you down when heat strikes.

Seize the fruit freshness!

With this healthy recipe you will learn how to take advantage of all the freshness and nutritional properties of fruits and vegetables in season that comes, but also learn how to enrich your diet and make more nutritional. Combining the most varied ingredients, this beverage is powered with a variety of actions: to revitalize, energize, detoxify, rejuvenate. Coconut Smoothie

With increasing stress in this age in which we live, also apparent is the deterioration of the food we eat. Such tendencies are increasingly resulting in a lack of energy, vitality decrease and other health problems.

As the statement “I have no time” for many became like life motto, we increasingly seek “instant fixes” that will offer us faster recovery. Juices and drinks are popular and “fast” substitute for actual cooked food. However, juices, which have always been synonymous with a healthy beverage, meanwhile, have turned into a popular beverage full of empty calories.

Coconut Milk ShakeBut here we talk about that other kind of juices and beverages – those prepared from fresh ingredients supplying the body with “live” information and a general feeling of well-being.

One glass of this smoothie requires:

* 1 cup of coconut milk

* Half cup pineapple (canned or fresh)

* 1 smaller banana

Mix all ingredients with a blender.

Note: Coconut milk (after you open it stir well to get same density) can be poured into an ice bucket. Once frozen, mix the ice cubes in a blender along with pineapple and banana.

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