Eczema – Natural Treatment

The term eczema refers to inflammation of the skin that occurs as a result of the formation of blisters and pus. It is often very problematic skin disease.
The disease has a wide variety of forms and most of them are chronic in nature.

Causes and symptoms

Eczema in its acute form, is manifested as redness and swelling of the skin and instant formation of blisters.

Fight Eczema Naturally

If the blisters crack, an moistened surface of the skin starts to form, characterized by colorless liquid, thereby forming a thin crust on the skin where the blisters were previously located. The symptoms are usually getting worse at night, when itching on the skin starts to appear.

Eczema is usually lasting disease that occurs as a result of the toxic condition of the body, as well as its inability to eliminate the excess accumulated toxins in it.

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Other causes may be: disturbed metabolism, constipation, lack of nutrients in the diet, menstrual stress, jealousy, frustration and presence of other emotions. Also, in many cases, taking certain drugs can lead to appearance of eczema.

Natural Treatment

The melon is considered aс one of the most effective home remedy against eczema. In fact, the melon as remedy can successfully get involved in treatment of this disease.

In this type of treatment, melons are eaten only three times a day over a period of forty days and more. At the beginning, eat just 6-7 pounds (3kg) of melon per day, for three days.

Then, gradually start to increase the amount by one kilogram per day until you satisfy your hunger. Only sweet and fresh fruit is allowed to be consumed during the duration of this diet.

Only fruits with quantity of around 90% of water in their composition are allowed, while consumption of regular water should be avoided. The fruit juice is also useful when is locally applied in case of acute and chronic type of eczema.

The mango too is considered as another effective remedy against eczema. Boil the pulp and the rind of this fruit in a cup of water for half an hour. Then apply this mixture, filtered first, to the affected areas, several times a day.

Vegetable juices:
Fresh vegetable juices, especially carrot juice in combination with spinach juice has proven as useful treatment for eczema. The ratio of this preparation is in the following order: 300ml of carrot juice and 200ml of spinach juice to get a half liter of this remedy.

Millet leaves:
The green leaves of millet are considered useful in chronic eczema treatment. Fresh juice of these leaves are applied to the affected area during this condition treatment.

Safflower Seed Oil:
Many laboratory studies have shown that eczema mainly appears as a lack of linoleic acid. The safflower seed oil is rich in this type of acid and is therefore very useful for the treatment of eczema.

Two teaspoons of this oil are taken daily for the treatment of this condition. The amount may be reduced to one teaspoon after the condition will start to improve.

Blackstrap molasses syrup:
The Blackstrap molasses syrup is considered useful in the treatment of this disease. This is primarily due to the high nutrient that this syrup possess in its composition.
Two teaspoons of the syrup are taken twice a day mixed in a cup of milk. Significant improvement can be noticed after two weeks.

Sunbathing is useful because it kills the harmful bacteria in the body and should be practiced early in the morning with the first sunrise.

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Certain liquids are considered as excellent lotions for cleaning the affected areas. Such an example is the water in which previously were boiled neem leaves, rice or turmeric water previously spiced with turmeric powder.

Fight eczema completely naturally with the help of these few tips and remedies.
Date Published: 07/10/2015
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