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Eliminate Your Sugar Addiction In a Totally Natural Way

An excellent example of how to eliminate sugar addiction is given by the famous dietitian Brooke Alpert, who is also a co-author of the book “The Sugar Detox: Lose the Sugar, Lose the Weight–Look and Feel Great“.

“We eat so much industrial sweets, that we’ve already forgot the taste of natural sugar“, says Brooke Alpert.

She points out that, depending on how much sugar you normally consume, it is normal during the detoxification process to start feeling headaches, irritability, fatigue, but she also provides useful tips on how to overcome this period.

Make reserves of fruits and vegetables: one of the biggest benefits of reducing sugar intake is that you’ll get used to the natural sugars consumption.

In the first days of detoxification, naturally sweet vegetables like carrots, peppers and peas, can “save” you during the afternoon (the period when the sugar addiction culminates). Eat them along with some proteins like for example humus or nuts, so be able to stay satisfied until the dinner.

Try to enjoy in something else: Many of us during childhood, have formed the idea of ​​sweets as a reward, and if this “reward” was somehow taken away from us, we were seeing that as a kind of punishment.

Therefore, during first days, when the sugar addiction starts attacking, try to enjoy in something else, something such as massage or scented baths. “This will make you think of the detoxification process less like deprivation and  more like you do it for your own good” Brooke Alpert explains.

Do not use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar: if ending the dependence on sweets is your long-term plan, it can be counterproductive.

Artificial sweeteners are usually sweeter than sugar, in some cases up to 10 times, which can make your sugar addiction even more stronger, even though your goal is to reduce this desire. You will totally lost your taste for sweets.

“Apples and berries should be sweet enough”, says Alpert. If you can not drink your morning coffee without any sugar, then, what Alpert advises, is try to drink ice cold (ice coffee), because in this way you’ll reduce its bitter taste.

Exercise: You may feel that you have less energy when you drop your intake of sugar (for the first time in your life).

But do not give up from the usual exercise (or start exercising – we recommend brisk walking ), because it will raise energy levels and stimulate the secretion of endorphin that directly affect your mood.

Try different types of tea: If you feel the desire for sweets in the afternoon or before bedtime, try to “mislead” it with a cup of hot tea.

The mint tea can provide you with evening  refreshment and in addition will facilitate digestion. You can try and taste different teas (the choice is large, we suggest some of the organic teas).

Fighting with sugar addiction can be pretty nasty challenge these days. But yet there are many natural ways which can help you easily make it gone.
Eliminate Sugar Addiction
Date Published: 05/26/2015
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