Fighting flu and many other diseases today become a true mission impossible without antibiotics.

But knowing their negative effects we are increasingly looking for natural substitute like the healing herbs that have natural antibiotic properties.

Most natural remedies contain substances that destroy microbes and strengthen immunity, during the flu season which is still ongoing.



1. Garlic

– Strong, natural antibiotic that does not destroy our healthy bacteria opposite to the chemical antibiotics.
Thanks to the allicin that it contains, the white garlic has enormous antibiotic properties.

2. Echinacea

– Herb that stimulates the proper function of the immune system and acts as an effective antiviral agent.
Helps fight off infection and provides the body with needed antioxidants which strengthens immunity.
It is recommended during the winter as a preventative or cure for the flu.
Studies have shown that ehinacea used in combination with vitamin C, decreases the possibility of cold by 85%.

3. Oregano

– This healing herb with intense and heady fragrance creates essential oil which then affect as a natural antibiotic agent.
It is excellent ally against cough and bronchitis, inhibiting inflammation of sinuses, laryngitis, colds and flu. The oil obtained from the leaves of oregano contains carvacrol who possesses amazing antibacterial properties.
Oil of oregano has a strong impact on common pathogenic bacteria: staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and Listeria.

4. Ginseng

– They call it the root of life because primarily helps in the full utilization of vitamins and minerals in the body.
It contains ginsenosides – substances that initiate the body and help in inflammatory joint infections, problems with digestion, fatigue, insomnia, anemia, low immunity and stress.
Ginseng acts to increase the activity of white blood cells that fight bacterial and viral infections, making it mandatory drug in fight against flu.

5. Sage

– Usually during flu, our throat hurts a lot, so instead of taking coated tablets, you can make gargle with sage tea. It is recommended in the morning and before bedtime for at least 10 minutes to make a gargle with this warm tea.

6. Salt in warm Water

– Also another efficient method against flu is one teaspoon of salt mixed in hot water. Make a gargle with this mixture, four times a day.