Fillings Are History – Regenerate Teeth Tissue Naturally

British experts have developed a revolutionary technique that allows the teeth to settle the problem of damage by them self. The technique for self-reparation of the teeth was developed by the Royal College in London.

Natural Teeth Healing

According to the idea of British experts, fillings will no longer be necessary, because the tooth will be able to self-heal,
writes British Guardian.

Damaged tooth usually is repaired by drilling the affected area and filling ​​the cavity with amalgam or some other type of charge.

Healthy Teeth CareThe treatment called EAER (Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation), accelerates the natural flow of calcium and phosphate minerals in the direction of the damaged area of the tooth.

First it starts with a preparation of the tooth enamel affected by the damage, and then minerals are sent directly.

According to the creators of this technique, this method of teeth repair could be in use within next three years.

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