Get Rid of Low HDL Cholesterol With The Help of Vinegar

Fighting low HDL Cholesterol is quite challenging these days.

Especially because of the many types of “healthy food” that is constantly offered to us trough the media and markets.

Keep Low HDL

Due to the rapid lifestyle, poor diet and lack of physical activity – increased fat in blood is one of the most common disease these days.

Sometimes, in case of elevated fat, yellow deposits of fat can be spotted in a form of plate or node on the upper eyelids or some other body parts.

With progression of the disease, thickening of the artery walls starts to occur, to which contribute and other risk factors (such as smoking, alcohol, nicotine). */Stop Smoking Naturally/*

The consequence of all that, unfortunately, are mostly cardiovascular diseases which represent one of the leading causes of death in the world.

If you tend to achieve low HDL cholesterol and decrease the levels of fat in the blood, I recommend this natural remedy because it helped to many people.

Ingredients: dried figs and apple cider vinegar */The Healing Properties of Apple Cider Vinegar/*

Make this remedy at night and drink it in the morning. Take three good dried figs, pierce them with a toothpick on all sides and then place them in a glass bowl previously filled with 2 dl (approx. one cup) of apple cider vinegar.

Let it stand overnight and in the morning eat all three sour figs.
Do not dispose of the rest of the vinegar but in that same vinegar, next night, put another three figs prepared the same way.

Keep using these two deciliters of vinegar in the upcoming seven days, the majority will get soaked by the figs.

The eighth day take new two deciliters vinegar and repeat the procedure for another week.
So one round of treatment lasts 14 days. After half a month of this treatment, repeat your tests and ensure the effectiveness of this miraculous natural remedy.

You will for sure get rid of that low HDL in no time. Stay well.

Fighting low HDL Cholesterol is quite challenging these days so before you start taking any medicine try this remedy made from vinegar and feel its powers.
Date Published: 02/08/2016
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