Get rid of Neck and Back pain including Sciatica

Still not widely known, this ancient Japanese recipe made from only one ingredient is the main cause for healing for many people suffering from stiffness in the neck and back including sciatica.
The results are shown only after 1 week of its usage.

Many of us who constantly suffer from this painful disease are very aware of its persistence and the problems that are caused. With this recipe we bring you another natural healing medication that will surely improve your joints health condition, while eliminating your back pain and the occurrence of sciatica.



150g gelatin (powdered or leaves), mainly used for sweets and cakes.

Add two teaspoons of gelatin in one quarter of cold water.Stir well until no lumps are left over and leave it stand for one day.
The gelatin will turn into jelly during the night becoming ready for consumption.



Start by taking one teaspoon in the early morning on an empty stomach.If you wish you may add some honey or combine it with yogurt.

Recommended duration using this medicine is for one month, after which should be taken a 6 month break.

Healing Properties:

Back Pain

Will lower the risk of sciatica occurrence. The joints will become more lubricated, your mental stability will increases as well as your metabolism.The growth and the quality of your nails and hair will get better.



Source: Spine-Health – Trusted information for Back Pain Relief

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