Get Rid of Toothache in Just 5 Minutes

Toothache is definitely one of the most uncomfortable and debilitating pain that we have ever experienced in our lives.

This simple but yet very useful trick will surely get you instant pain relief, giving you just enough time to reach your dentist calmed and relaxed.

A survey conducted in Canada demonstrated that it is possible to get rid of toothache without opening your mouth.

Ice Cube Soothes ToothacheAll you need is to put one ice cube in the space between your thumb and forefinger and then easily start rubbing them for about  5 to 7 minutes.

It is this part of the palm where the nerve endings are associated with the pain center of the brain and also control the level of pain in the hands and head.

The friction with the ice, blocks these centers which was proven by nearly 90% of respondents who had participated in the survey and confirmed that the pain was indeed decreased.

Worth to try!

Please leave a comment below and tell us if this trick worked for you. :)


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