Herbs that Purify your Lungs

No matter the quality of air we breathe, in the cities or our own homes, there’s one thing for sure: we all have a need to purify our lungs, especially for those who have problems with the respiratory tract.

Still, it is quite possible to somehow alleviate these chronic diseases like asthma or some lung problems with the help of the herbs which are far well known for their miraculous healing properties.

We will concentrate on those which are specific in treating and healing the respiratory system, more precisely, the lungs.



Oregano Lungs Cleaner

The Oregano in its composition contains carvacrol and oleanolic acid, compounds that reduce the amount of histamine (which is increased during allergies and asthma) and also relief the air circulation trough the nose. It is a natural decongestant (tool for unstoppering the airways). You may consume the Oregano along the meals as a spice, to prepare a tea with it, water solution or like essential oil.



Mint Leaves

Menthol, the main ingredient of the mint, relax the mussels of the respiratory organs, giving you a pleasant breathing relief. The Menthol also acts as an antihistamine which reliefs the congested respiratory organs.

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Pulmonaria (Lungwort)

Pulmonaria Lung Purifier

This herb (Pulmonaria officinalis) as its name suggests, has many beneficial effect on the lungs, encouraging and helping expectoration. It contains a large quantity of antioxidants, helps for flawless lungs operation and acts preventive in case of lung disease occurrence.



Eucalyptus Lungs Cleaner

Eucalyptus reduces throat irritation, reliefs the sinuses and reduce blockage of the airways. The substance cineoll which it contains, has a soothing effect which significantly facilitates the breathing.


Oman (Inula helenium)

Lnula Helenium For Lungs Cleaning

The root of this plant contains inulin which helps break up mucus and also encourages and facilitates expectoration of secretions from the bronchi. It also lines the bronchial passages acting protective.
Herbalists claim that particularly helps for the patients with asthma.

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