Honey and Cinnamon – The Elixir of Health

The healing properties of honey have been known since ancient times, and cinnamon was once more valuable than gold.

Today, these two ingredients blended together, produce a real elixir of health.

Although each has its own special curative properties, in a several variant combinations, both are a BIG HIT.

Honey in Nature
Why honey is good for you?

Honey is a natural sweetener. Best for usage is the homemade honey, not the one from the supermarket . But even such, since it`s very rich in natural sugars, should not be consumed with exaggeration.

It contains between 70 and 80 % sugar, fructose and glucose and the rest are mostly water and certain vitamins.

Although honey is the only food in the world that can never spoil, it should not be cook or reheat. It`s best to be taken on every morning on an empty stomach, using a wooden or plastic spoon.

In combination with cinnamon, it can be consumed several times a day, because the bitterness of cinnamon neutralize the sweetness of honey. Precisely, other than neutralizing the sweetness, cinnamon is great for lowering blood sugar and bad cholesterol.

Cinnamon Powder

Here we will mention a couple of recipes for specific diseases, although the usage of this delicious combination is much broader:

1. For lowering cholesterol – make a tasty beverage of two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon and mix it with half a liter of water.

Taking two tablespoons after each meal by a period of seven days, cholesterol levels will get lower by 10 to 25 %. Lower cholesterol means lower possibility for heart attack`s and stroke.

You can make even a very healthy and tasty spread, which is especially good for heart ill patients, which then can be smeared on toasted bread or thus fill pancakes with it.

2. Against pimples and acne

Honey Cinnamon Mask

– It is already known that honey has a miraculous effect on our skin. With the addition of cinnamon, it becomes an excellent peeling that restores shine and elasticity of the skin.

Using three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon make a thick paste and apply directly to the pimples. Best time to do it is before going to bed, sleep with the mask applied and in the morning rinse it with warm water.

If you are doing this on a daily basis within two weeks, pimples will clean off and do so and pores, which will prevent the formation of new acne.

3. To prevent arthritis – Patients suffering from arthritis should be taken this drink at least twice a day – a cup of warm water, mixed with two soup spoons of honey and one teaspoon per each, cinnamon and ginger.

If consumed regularly, this elixir can cure even chronic arthritis. Many studies carried out have proven the effectiveness of this beverage and showed that after one month of regular use, the symptoms of arthritis and pain are drastically reduced.

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