How to Cook Kohlrabi Nice and Easy

Knowing how to cook kohlrabi doesn’t require any special skills. In fact, it is quite simple and almost the same as preparing ordinary cabbage.

What is its taste?

Although it belongs to the family of cabbages, with its bold stem and root it is more akin to radish.
Both its leaves and root have a neutral flavor, but when thermally processed, it gets really sweet aftertaste.

What possess?

The root of kohlrabi in its substitution possesses protein, vegetable oil, sugar, cellulose and minerals, it is rich in vitamin C and a small portion of vitamin B1.

In its young leaves and stem, has carotene and phosphorus and much more vitamins and minerals than its fruit.

How to cook kohlrabi?

From fresh kohlrabi you can make snack sticks. It takes half an hour to get lightly-cooked, then chopped and again lightly-cooked for about ten minutes.

It is also delicious if its boiled on steam, braised or baked in oven. It is ideal as an supplement to meat and quite inevitable in vegetarian cuisine.

Kohlrabi Salad

How To Cook Kohlrabi

During the  holidays, when your table is extremely rich in all kinds of food and when you eat more than usual, this kohlrabi salad will give you quite pleasantly freshness.


1 bigger kohlrabi; – 3-4 oranges; – 1 sour cream; – half-lemon juice; – 2 large spoons of raisin; – Salt; – Pepper


Peel and grate the kohlrabi, also peel the oranges and remove the pith as far as possible. Add sour cream, lemon juice, raisin, salt and pepper and stir everything well. You may add some nuts by your desire.

Serve in a salad dish/plate and Enjoy!!! 🙂

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