How to cut a Mango like a Pro

How to cut a Mango? A simple and effective way to clean and serve mangos!
And then … the sweet enjoyment …  🙂

Mango, fantastic tropical fruit worth the pleasure. By it`s taste is very characteristic to the Southern-sweet fruits, slightly citric.
In it`s grown shape reminiscent of a peach, with a faint touch of coconut flavor … a true excitement!

The Mango, while still green, is kind of tasteless, and if it happen to be despised, it’s quite yet sweet, but also full of fiber, making it less sensational.
The fruit is still firm, but you can still feel the soft pulp under your fingers.

When you hold this beautiful fruit in your hand, the first impression you get from it, like the rest of the other fruits, is that it will be very easy to peel and cut.
Well, not exactly! In fact, once you master it, it is more than easy. For start you might be surprised by its seed, which is unusually large and flat.

On the other  hand, with a classical peeling, just like an apple, if the mango is ripe and juicy, you will definitely make a mess and extra work around for cleaning the kitchen!

By the way, other than sweetness and great taste, this fruit is very healthy. Mango is rich in vitamins A, C and E and the minerals zinc (Zn), which helps for skin problems (acne, psoriasis …).

Preserves the immune system and speeds up wound healing, as well as magnesium (Mg), which helps with muscle relaxation and nerves and improves blood circulation.

In addition to this, you can eat the fruit in its natural state, just peeled and chopped, you can use it in fruit salads, desserts, creams, smoothies, ice cream.

Likewise, the mango is excellent in combinations with some sweet-savory meals, with different kinds of meat, sauces with tomatoes and spices like curry etc …

So, the possibilities are limitless!

How to peel and chop the mango

– Step One First, wash mangoes under flowing water and dry it. To make yourself easier to deal with, you might start by removing only a small portion of the bottom, just for stability. I do not usually do this, but I recommend.
How to Cut a Mango - First Step

– Step Two Have in mind that its seed is quite large and flat and spread through the whole central part. The two broad (flat) sides are those where the largest part of the pulp is contained. With a knife, carefully cut off these two parallel parts.

How to Cut a Mango - Second Step

– Step Three The rest of the mango usually does not have that much pulp, but try to cut of as many as you can around the seeds. If you feel that you’ve hooked up, move the knife a little bit and get it around.

How to Cut a Mango - Third Step

Now this is the most interesting part for me! 🙂

– Step Four Cut a form of a grid with the knife, depending on what size you want dices to be. Do it all the way to the pulp, but try not to cut it.

How to Cut a Mango - Fourth Step

– Step Five Then take that part in your hands and invert it upside down. Remove the cubes with a knife, or if the mango is very ripe, you can do it with your fingers. Repeat the same with the other half.

How to Cut a Mango - Fifth Step

Clean the remaining narrow parts of the mango, by cutting the edges of the bark to the right and then slowly continue cutting the bark  until the inner part detaches. And again, chop it into cubes.
You will see that the seed is large and white, with leftovers from other little juicy parts around it. Try to remove them with the knife, diagonally from the middle up to the lower side. Anyway, you can not make a proper cubes from them so put them aside.

If you have never tried mango, i strongly recommend that you try it, and now you have the instructions for how to cut a mango like a pro. 🙂
Since the mango is a sweet fruit, it presents a perfect base for making sweet fruity-dairy drinks and smoothies.

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How to cut a Mango? A simple and effective way to clean and serve mangos!
How to cut a Mango
Date Published: 10/22/2014

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