How to Destress Naturally and Easy

Whether you have a dramatic relationship or you are under stress at work, nature offers you many solutions for how to destress and relax naturally.

From the piece of chocolate that lowers stress hormones to the smell of lavender that can improve your quality of sleep.

Here we present you 10 proven ways which will surely relax and calm you down.



You can not sleep because you are stressed out at work and you’ve reached all deadlines to complete the already started tasks? Try the lavender aromatherapy. It has been proven that lavender cures insomnia.

It is made from a combination of dried flowers and essential oils from plants, and each part has a healing effect. You can use milk, tea or lavender scented candles.


Sweet potato

Next time you want to escape from feelings of anxiety, try to remember this: The sweet potato is a natural enemy of stress, because of its sweetness and richness with carbohydrate.

Contains enough fiber which helps for easier food digestion and it makes you more emotional and physical calmed and arranged. It also maintains the sense of satisfaction.

How To Destress Naturally Relax On Tree


Usually, during the night our brain and body hibernate. During this hibernation, our body muscles are more likely to start clocking do so cause an appearance of muscle cramps. Here the chamomile comes in help.

It is proven that chamomile when consumed as tea, reduces the intensity of muscle cramps and successfully calms the body. However, pregnant women who are allergic to hay and Ambrosia previously must consult a doctor before they start using the chamomile.


Dark chocolate

For all chocolate lovers, one pleasant surprise – there’s a reason why chocolate is consumed regularly. The quantity of 40 grams of chocolate, lowers the stress hormones cortisol and Catecholamine, making the anxiety disappear.

What gives you pleasant feeling while you eat chocolate, actually is the release of endorphins in the brain making you feel that way.



St. John’s wort grows everywhere in the world. It is used for depression treatment if consumed as a tea or cocoa dietary supplement. It has been proven that it gives significant and uplifting feeling among depressed people.

However, even if it is accepted as a cure for a seriously deep depression, there still could be some consequences if consumed with certain foods or drugs, so it is strongly necessary to consult a physician before use.



Many people become sleepy while consuming a glass of milk, because of the presence of tryptophan – an amino acid, also contained in the turkey. From a glass of warm milk, you will also feel drowsy but not because of this reason.

After all, many people feel the need to sleep as they drink a glass of milk because it reminds them of the childhood. This trick really works.

How To Destress and Relax Naturally

Passion flower (Passiflora caerulea)

Successfully treat anxiety and nervousness. Use as a dietary supplement if you have an important meeting, it will help you relax. This flower was used as recommended sedative without prescription in 1978th.


Peanut Butter

When you feel that your body loses strength because you have not slept enough, peanut butter is the solution because it acts as fuel for the body.

It has pretty much vitamin B6 which regulates blood pressure and elevates mood. It is best to use natural butter because it lacks a lot of sugar which can cause adverse effects of vitamin B6.



With the help of valerian, people were relaxing with centuries. Hippocrates first used this plant, as a sedative for the body.

It can be found in more than 50 forms: tablets, juices, tea, drops and other. Before you start using Valerian talk to a doctor, because he can tell you which form is most suitable for you.

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