How to Lose Weight – Nutritionist Advice

By applying these five simple tips, you will surely find out how to lose weight in just five days, claims Joy Bauer, a famous nutritionist.

She proposes the following diet plan:

Diet Plan For How to Lose Weight

Consume five small servings of vegetables

Vegetables are low in calorie and easily give a feeling of fullness. How will you combine your meals with vegetables it’s up to you.

Simply, says Bauer, all you need is to take two small servings (cups) of vegetables during your lunch, one serving for breakfast and two for dinner.

You can choose your favorite vegetables which you consume regularly and you can also combine mixed meals of fresh or cooked vegetable.

For example, a meal of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olive oil, and spices, or just a meal with stewed carrots or legumes such as peas, beans, lentils. The choice is yours!

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Pick four of your favorite songs and dance
Each of us has, at least, four favorite fast tunes, which make you dance.
Therefore, the nutritionist advice is to start dancing to your favorite songs. Each song will make you lose about 40 calories or 160 calories per day.

Eat three servings of protein
Proteins speed up the metabolism, reduce appetite and give a feeling of satiety.
‘Sandwich with boiled eggs, a little cheese or cream is ideal protein meal’ says Joy Bauer, and you can also eat salad with tuna or hot dog and drink a cup of yogurt or milk with a low fat percentage.

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Before each meal, drink two glasses of water
‘The water will give you a sense of satiety, will fulfill part of the stomach, and you will thus eat less`- Bauer reveals, adding that this simple `tip`, really works.

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Once a day you may eat some of your favorite food
‘You do not have to give up from some of your favorite foods`- says, Bauer.
It may be a glass of red wine, popcorn, dark chocolate, serving of fruit or a small cake. But do not overdo it!

How to Lose Weight - Nutritionist Advice
Check these tips for How To Lose Weight, given by one of the most famous Nutritionist.
Tips and Trick for How To Lose Weight
Date Published: 05/02/2015
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