If you ever wonder how to lose weight quickly you should first ask yourself do you really make enough efforts for accomplishing this.

You should always cook your own food, so if you have some snack or another meal you should always be sure it is a healthy food, instead of some low quality fast food.

Lose Weight Fast

Go to the store and buy some tomatoes, cucumber, integral roll and a bit of baking, so much the better rather than buying some who knows what kind of burger-sandwich.

Important to mention is that you should also try to stay in good shape and maintain your blood condition well, so it will not have an impact on your health.

Following this treatment you may do some exercise but know that during this period you may have some little chocolate snacks for an hour and a half before starting with the training.
Try to exercise before 12:00AM and 20 min. before start, drink almost 1 liter of liquid (water if possible).

Even if you do not follow the instructions of the weight loss program you’ll still lose weight because of the diet itself.


Weight Loss QuickIn this regime you should exclude the following:

All the fats should be replaced with oil (preferably Olive oil), but don`t overdose with the oil when using it on the salad. If you eat tuna or sardines, buy one with olive oil an also drain it good from the oil.

Potatoes, especially are not good when are fried (all kind of frying).
Note that with every 10kg potatoes eaten, you gain 2kg of body weight, included with daily exercise.(Without it you gain double the body weight).
Forget the French Fries.

Eating White Bread is also a good way gaining more weight, instead use
black bread with larger grains if possible.
Bananas, only one for breakfast or lunch.