Ice Cream Cocktails – Pure Exotic Refreshement

The Cocktails  are already seen stuff. Now is the time to refresh and surprise your friends with something quite new and different. Something like Ice Cream Cocktail maybe?!

True moment  in which you`ll definitely enjoy without the need for counting how many cups were drunk, but get yourself taken by this sweet frozen delight. There are a variety of ice cream cocktail recipes for every taste.

Call and gather your friends in  your yard or give them a pleasant  surprise on the  beach during your summer vacation. Believe me, they will be grateful to you. :) All you need is some fruit, some liquor, creative molds and a freezer.

The preparation is quite the same for every different cocktail.Chop the ingredients, mix them together and freeze them.

Be sure to choose your favorite and tell us in the comments below.

Ice Cream Cocktails

Supreme collection of Exotic Ice Cream Cocktails

[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_jin_cucumber.jpg]120Jin & Cucumber
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_kiwi_moscato.jpg]90Kiwi - Moscato
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_margarita_watermelon.jpg]90Margarita & Watermelon
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_mint_bourbon.jpg]90Mint & Bourbon
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_sangria.jpg]90Sangria
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_sex_on_the_beach.jpg]80Sex on the beach
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_tequila_sunrise.jpg]90Tequila Sunrise
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_baileys.jpg]70Baileys
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_bourbon_peach.jpg]90Bourbon Peach
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/ice-cream-cocktails/thumbs/thumbs_coffee.jpg]110Coffee

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