Lemon – Top 30 Benefits

For the lemon once by the Ancient Egyptians was believed  that has miraculous protection against many different toxins and some recent studies have already confirmed this belief.

One of the best remedies

Strengthens immunity and may help in weight loss because its juice speeds up the metabolism. It contains many ingredients: citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids and other that increase immunity and fight infections.

These are some of the many benefits of this miraculous fruit.

1. Acne
Because it contains amounts of citric acid, lemon may help in the treatment of acne. The Vitamin C with its alkaline nature, kills the bacteria which is already known that causes appearance of acne. Lemon juice and water should be the first thing in the morning to start with.

Put fresh lemon juice on the acne and leave it on your face throughout the night. In the morning, wash your face with water. It is possible to feel a little discomfort of the skin but it will quickly disappear.

Mix one peace of freshly squeezed lemon juice with equal parts of honey or roses juice. Apply this mixture to the face and hold it for at least half an hour. Then remove it with water. Repeat this treatment twice a day. In morning and evening.

2. Anxiety
Studies have shown that the melissa has a calming effect because its leaves smell like lemon and therefore can be used to eliminate fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, nervousness and tension. It is also believed that inhaling lemon oil can boost concentration and alertness.
If you feel tension, put few drops of melissa essential oil on some cloth and then inhale.

3. Sores in the mouth
Already known antiviral and antibacterial properties of lemon can speed up the healing process of sores in the oral cavity.
Mix the freshly squeezed lemon juice and a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth three times through out the day.
There is a possibility to feel tingling when the lemon juice gets in contact with the damaged part of the mucous membrane.

4. Fever
This phenomenon may occur due to various reasons and lemon is always useful remedy. Add the juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water, a teaspoon of honey and drink it at once.
Repeat the same thing every 2 hours until the temperature drops.

5. Cold and flu
When you get cold use the miraculous healing power of lemon which will provide you with the necessary amount of vitamin C in the cells for complete defense.

The first sign of a cold, runny nose or throat inflammation, immediately increase the dose of vitamin C in order to eliminate the virus. Drink freshly squeezed juice of one lemon with warm water every two hours.

If you do have inflammation of the throat, in a glass of lukewarm water add the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of sea salt. Rinse the throat three times a day. If it angina gets developed, rinse the throat every two hours for at least thirty seconds with freshly squeezed juice of one lemon.

6. Blisters
Slices of lemon, applied during night are a good remedy against blisters.
Place one slice of lemon on top of the blister and wrap it with a cloth or bandage.

7. Eczema
If you suffer from skin infection, the lemon will give you a relief. In a glass of lukewarm water, add eight drops of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey.
Honey also has anti-inflammatory effect and increases the healing powers of the lemon.

Soak a cloth in the mixture, squeeze the excess and keep the cloth to the place for about 15 minutes, two to three times daily.
Not that only will facilitate the infection, but will also prevent its recurrence.

8. Fighting fatigue
Many researchers and world travelers see the lemon as a true gift. Just a small quantity of lemon juice will stop thirst more quickly than a larger amount of water.

The essential lemon oil will stimulate the brain so when you can not concentrate enough or you feel tired, add four drops of the lemon essential oil in a bowl for aroma therapy.

You can also drink a glass of lemon water in a certain time interval.

9. Refresh breath
It can truly refresh your breath after usage of certain spices, cigarettes and alcohol. For more fresher breath, thoroughly rinse your mouth several times a day with fresh lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water.

10. Treatment of hypertension

Onions same as the garlic, showed great results in the fight against hypertension. Lemon gave exactly the same effect. Add three pieces of sliced ​​onion and one chopped garlic in cold milk or soy milk.
Boil and leave to stand for five minutes. Strain the contents and add the juice of three lemons. Drink this mixture during daytime.
If you suffer from high cholesterol you should know that the pectin contained in its constitution can help reduce the cholesterol levels.

Lemon in half

11. Insomnia
Several studies have found that lemon combined with other herbs like hops and chamomile soothes and helps to reduce anxiety.

12. Rheumatism
Lemon juice has highly alkaline effect on the body and therefore it is a natural cure for the acids mainly responsible for the occurrence of rheumatism.
Drink juice of one lemon and a glass of warm water three times a day and if you have severe pain add the juice of two lemons and drink it three times a day.

Massage slowly the painful areas every day with a few drops of lemon oil combined with one tablespoon of jojoba essential oil.

13. Speeds up your metabolism
Add juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it after every meal. The citric acid that it contains, will stimulate the gastric acid production and normalize the activity of the abdominal muscles.

14. Varicose veins
The oil of lemon can help in the fight against occurrence of varicose veins. Add 2/3 drops of this oil into avocado, jojoba or almond oil and massage the affected areas.
If varicose veins already exist, put 6 drops of lemon oil, 50 ml of oil crops and 2 drops of juniper and cypress. Use this mixture on daily basis and massage the legs towards the heart.

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