Lemon Water Detox Diet – How Safe Is It Actually

The lemon water detox diet is quite popular type of diet these days. Mainly used for weight loss and detoxification of the body, offers quite solid results at the end.

The lemon water is usually taken every morning before eating or drinking anything – even pure water. But you know that anything in excess is not good.

Although lemon water possesses many healthy benefits, you can experience problems when you have too much of it.

Lemon Water Detox Diet

Some of these problems by taking the lemon water detox diet include:

1. Heartburn:

Lemon water can trigger heartburn or worsen it if you’ve been experiencing this condition before. While lemon water provides an alkaline effect on the body, it is still acidic and can therefore contribute to acid reflux.

2. Tooth Erosion:

Too much consumption of acidic food and drinks can have a negative effect on your teeth.

Drinking lemon water will eventually erode your tooth enamel, making it more sensitive to cold and hot foods.

You can minimize this side effect by using a straw when drinking. You will need to visit your dentist if you already have eroded tooth to get treatment immediately.

3. Urination and Dehydration:

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is a natural diuretic. What this means is that it increases the production of urine, so that sodium and excess fluid will be eliminated from the body.

Although this is beneficial, you may want to reduce your lemon water consumption especially when you start feeling dehydrated after drinking.

While the lemon water detox diet is made from natural ingredients which are normally safe, you may want to consult with your doctor if you have medical problem prior to starting with this diet.

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