Lung Cancer Killed With Natural Treatment

For the treatment of lung cancer and same as the other types of cancer, the only known method until these days is to be the chemotherapy, but did you know that this method will destroy you more quickly than the illness itself?

But some people decided to seek the cure in our nature and her remedies and succeeded in doing this without any major problems.

For some the carrot was the right choice, for others – the cannabis, baking soda and turmeric. And yet from one of these as a successful cure was the honey.

Treat Lung Cancer With Honey and Ginger


One patient, few years ago, was diagnosed with a very difficult form of lung cancer and was told that he would not live much longer. However, with the help of the herbs and honey he managed to fully cure this deadly disease and today he lives completely healthy life. He even engaged with beekeeping.

He managed to fully recover only after few months after he was discharged from the hospital. When he went back to the hospital for a regular check, the doctors gone in shock and could not believe that he is still standing alive.

They told to him to continue with his therapy, and his blood count was soon looked like he did not have health problems before.

Honey is well known remedy with centuries, and thanks to its primordial composition, it was valued as a holy food and one of the most sacred natural medicine.

When a container was discovered in Tutankhamen’s tomb, it was full of edible honey old more than 3000 years. Romans and Greeks during their battles, had used honey to strengthen the body and heal their wounds.

But because of its high price, only the rich and noble people were able to use this miraculous remedy.

This patient is not the only one who testified that this golden thick liquid can cure lung cancer completely if combined with a spices such as pine needles, ginger and other plants.

One woman cured her cancer with the help of ginger and honey and then she published her cure for this recipe in hope that it might help to someone else.

In her case, she was diagnosed with cancer of the endocrine glands and for 20 days she was kept on life support.

With the help of this natural remedy, only after a few days, she completely recovered without of any use of chemo, surgery or any other types of drugs.

Honey And Ginger To Fight Lung CancerThe recipe that saved her life is the following:

– Two big ginger roots finely chopped in a blender. Then, the chopped ginger is mixed with 1 pound (500 grams) of honey.

The woman also noted that the honey should be strictly home made.

– Thus prepared the remedy is stored in glass jars and then consumed 3-4 times a day, by one tablespoon.

It is important to use wooden or plastic spoon, not metal.

The first effects will start to appear after only 4 days.

In the treatment of cancer it is very important to stay positive and do not give up no matter whatever you doctors said.

Natural Remedy That Kills Lung Cancer
Natural Remedy That Kills Lung Cancer

Prep Time:

10 minutes

  • Honey 1 pound (500 grams)
  • Turmeric 2 roots
Grind the roots of Turmeric and mix them with the honey. Store in jars and consume as prescribed.


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