Natural way to faster Metabolism and Weight Loss

Certain foods greatly facilitate and encourage weight loss and are significantly healthier than a magic diet pill whose influence is often just a hoax.

These are some of the many which are proven to help in weight loss.


Who would have thought that one such ordinary food has a great effect on the body. Onion contain a significant amount of sulfur which is not only responsible for its specific aroma, but also for cleaning the liver. Onion has a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose and regulates the intestinal flora. Therefore, it’s the ideal food to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. The same effect on the body (and even better) has the garlic.



Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds contain sesamin dietary fiber that protects the liver from oxidative damage. In addition, the seeds also contain lecithin, which is important for rejuvenation and increased energy.



Beetroot Sliced

This food contain the mineral selenium. It has a property of remineralization and participates in the general cleansing of the body. Beside that it is extremely delicious if chopped in salad mixed with cumin or more better, used for smoothies in combination with some forest fruits.




Pineapple contains large group of vitamins and a  very special enzyme called bromelain, which breaks down proteins and thus speeds up the process of digestion. It is best to be eaten between meals because then the action of this enzyme is strongest.


Green leafy vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain large amounts of antioxidative material which protects the body from diseases and boosts the immunity to high levels. It also contains a large amount of fibers that provide satiety and help to remove excess water from your body. Your daily meal should contain collards, cabbage, chard and spinach.


Tea Combinations

Tea Combinations

This tea weight loss program with daily intake of two to three liters of fluid acts in two ways: Reduces appetite and provides a feeling of satiety, cleanse the body from harmful substances. To not get bored, try to use different types of teas like green tea, nettle tea, white tea, mint tea and ginger tea. For better taste, instead of sugar you can combine them with fruit tea and lemon.


Do not forget nuts and spices

SpicesThese are just some of the foods that promote weight loss. In order to preserve their nutritional value, prepare them as a salad or blend them for some smoothie. The addition of walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios and various spices can improve your health, just keep an eye on the amount of ingredients that contain more fat.

When you get enough from the salads and smoothies, you can incorporate and mix them into various soups, stews, fillings, tarts, soufflés and even biscuits and cakes.

There is a plenty of combination for these foods that do not burden the body and can facilitate weight loss. If you ‘re already firmly decided to sculpt your body by summer and clean it from toxins, except implementing new food regime, also start with an regular exercise too.

Sign up in some gym and workout at least 2-3 times a week. We recommend you due this workout to enroll one of your friends and together, regularly attend for group training for additional motivation, and companionship.

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