Nausea – Causes and Treatment

Nausea is an unpleasant condition that comes with the feeling of disgust and vomiting.

Alcohol, heavy foods, smoking and strong smells will only intensify the nausea.

How to get rid of that awful situation and as soon again be in top – shape?

Every single one of us has feel nauseated sometimes. It occurs after every glass of drink which you shouldn’t had, too fatty and very spicy meal, crowds of cigarettes that you had one after another. Sometimes this is a weakness in the stomach, once a serious sickness and sometimes a feeling of unease.

We all know that uncomfortable feeling that rises from the stomach to the throat and stimulates the urge to vomit, but the cause of the sickness is not at all the same for everyone. This can occur as a consequence of the sensitivity of the stomach, to be a sign of a serious problem or maybe you are just feeling sick because of the thought that tomorrow you have to go to work again. 🙂

Chemical changes in the body can initiate the stimuli that cause nausea but also many other factors, such as sickness (motion sickness, commonly known as sea sickness), emotional problems or some unpleasant odors. For some, only the sight of blood and the content of vomiting can cause bad feeling, to others this not seem to mind but instead they can not think of eating a meal of some spicy gourmet delight.

Nausea can be cause by proliferation of the stomach after a meal replete – remember that, the next time you sit at the party table, trying to taste everything that it holds. 🙂

Nausea and Vomiting

1.Diseases with symptoms of nausea

Daily life is full of stress, diet foods treated with different chemicals and “fast food” significantly contribute to the development of diseases of the digestive system, specially the stomach.

• Any sudden, acute inflammation of the stomach almost always begins with nausea. Stomach problems may be caused by bad, hot or iced food, consuming drugs , toxic substances, alcohol, or simply stress. Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach at the present time is a common occurrence.

• Nausea may occur in the so-called allergic gastritis, ie. stomach inflammation that occurs because the stomach does not tolerate certain types of foods and sometimes we are allergic to some people whose behavior is hard for us and our stomach.

• Nausea and vomiting are among the primary symptoms of ulcers of the stomach or duodenum, which is by no means harmless.

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, are inflammatory bowel disease resulting from autoimmune inflammatory processes in the digestive tract. Both have similar symptoms, and among them is the very unpleasant nausea.

• Disorders of other digestive organs – the pancreas, liver, gallbladder can also cause nausea.

• Nausea occurs at heart, kidney and liver patients. Also many types of headaches, especially migraines and some rare diseases of the brain. 🙁

• This may occur as a result of a lack of certain vitamins, excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, taking certain heart medications and contraceptive pills. It is also present in many infectious diseases.

Nausea Precaution

2. Other conditions that involve nausea

The nausea can result from disorders in the center of gravity in the middle ear and the one that occurs as a result of the stress and is often accompanied by mental disorders.

There is a type of nausea from which suffer 60 to 80 percent of pregnant women…

• “Destination does not matter, but it ‘s the journey instead”, enthusiasts say but what about those to whom driving with a car, boat or plane is a real nightmare? The thought of nausea, dizziness, headache and weakness in general while traveling?

The above symptoms resulting from motion sickness are affecting approximately 70 percent of the population. When nausea occurse while traveling, it is difficult to be stopped and because of that there are medications that act preventively, which need to be taken before the trip.

Types of drugs that are taken to prevent the symptoms are the muscarinic receptor antagonists, histamine H1 – antagonist and sympathomimetics drugs, and all but the last two types cause drowsiness.

• Modern life is full of worries and stress causes many mental disorders and is associated with the feeling of fear, discomfort, anxiety, apprehension. When fears and anxieties begin to dominate and control one’s life, interfere with family, social and professional life, then we are talking about anxiety disorders.

Nausea often occurs before an exam or public performance, in difficult life situations, nausea followed by chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

• Nausea, which is sometimes accompanied by vomiting, is an unpleasant side effect in the first three months of pregnancy. Although often called “morning sickness” can occur anytime during the day or night.

It is still believed that this is a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy, and for the same reason many women feel nauseated just before the start of menstruation, but there are many other theories about why nausea occurs during pregnancy.

Some scientists say that it`s a consequence generated by the stress and anxiety caused by knowing about the pregnancy, while some experts from the University of Liverpool believe that morning sickness at pregnant women represents a type of protective mechanism against excessive intake of potential toxins.

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