New Excellent Method for How to Detox Your Body Naturally

There are many different methods for how to detox your body, widely used among many of us and yes, this is one of them. But compared to the rest of the conventional methods, this one is quite unique.

It is a method that belongs to the Ayurvedic medicine and is thoroughly described in the ancient Indian scriptures. It basically includes the usage of few types of natural oils. Sunflower and sesame oil (you choose which one).

How To Detox Your Body with the help of natural oils

By this method, the removal of toxic substances from the body is achieved through daily rinsing of the oral cavity (mouth) with sunflower or sesame oil. The oil must not be swallowed and should be spat out after which the mouth should be well rinsed. This procedure allows the body to fight alone against the disease without any adverse side effects that can result from the usage of some medicament.

This treatment with oils is carried out only with cold pressed and unrefined oils. Recommended are the sunflower or sesame oil, although according to many experiences of those who practice the method olive oil can be also used. (You can learn more about the Olive Oil and how can it help you loose weight, here on this link).

The therapy is conducted on an empty stomach in a way by taking one tablespoon of oil and then slowly rinsing the oral cavity, for some 15 to 20 minutes.

This method has proved effective in the fight against many diseases and symptoms. Here are some of them:

– toothache (Ge rid of Toothache in just 5 minutes)
chronic fatigue
– lung diseases
– arthritis
– intestinal and stomach diseases (quick Stomach Pain relief)
– diseases of kidneys, liver and heart
– chronic blood diseases
– women’s diseases

In addition, the treatment with oil whitens and strengthens the teeth, stops bleeding of the gums and helps in periodontal disease.

The secret of the effectiveness of this method is that during the rinsing all six liters of blood in our body, pass through the salivary glands and thus the body gets rid of harmful substances. To simply put, with the help of the oil, we extract all the toxins from our body.

In addition to treatment, the oil treatment is also recommended to be used as prevention, because it strengthens the immune system and thus prevents the development of many other diseases.

Preventively, once a day for this treatment is totally enough, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. In therapeutic purposes, you should try to repeat this procedure three times a day before every meal. How long will last the treatment depends on the disease and the general condition of the body. But usually it’s considered that acute diseases can be cured in less than a week and chronic within a few months and up to one year.

With this method you’ve learned how to detox your body without any excess usage of different products but only with the help of few natural oils.

Did you tried this method already? Do you prefer some other method that you already use? Tell us about it in the comments bellow and be sure to share this tip with your friends. Take care and stay well.

There are many different methods for how to detox your body, but compared to the rest of the conventional methods, this one is quite unique.
How to Detox Your Body
Date Published: 08/21/2015
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