New Natural Medicine found against Cancer

For this natural medicine has been repeatedly proven  that can cure cancer, hormonal problems, weaken immune system, bad blood circulation etc…

Here we present to you its preparation process and its healing effects.

Lemon Garlic Potion

Required supplies ingredients:

15 lemons, 12 heads of garlic, 1 kg  honey, 400 g wheat sprouts, 400 g walnuts.

Put 400 g raw wheat into a clean glass jar. Fill it with water and let it stand for 10-12 hours, covered with gauze.
After that, drain the water and rinse the beans well. One day later, sprouts will emerge 1-2 mm in size.
Blend the garlic, walnuts and wheat germ with sprouts. Blend 5 lemons with their peel on and add them to the mixture. Squeeze the juice from the remaining 10 lemons and add it to the mixture. Finally add the honey.

Transfer this mixture in to glass jar. Store in the refrigerator and start using it after 3 days standing.


This medicine heals the whole body from all diseases:
  • Garlic Lemon and HoneyIt improves the heart rate and cleanse the blood vessels
  • Strengthens the immune system, purifies the liver from toxins
  • Improves kidney function and simultaneously cleans them
  • Cleans the digestive system from pathogenic micro flora
  • Improves brain function and memory
  • Slows down the development of atherosclerosis
  • Protects against heart attack and stroke
  • It’s an excellent remedy for recovery after surgery
  • Best natural remedy for cancer treatment



One soup spoon 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
For serious diseases  like cancer it should be consumed every two hours.

“GOD Bless you All”

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