Power Yoga – Rejuvenate Yourself and Enjoy the Benefits

Power yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that is based on Ashtanga yoga. It is becoming a budget-friendly fitness option as its high tempo and brisk movements is essentially like an aerobic workout as yoga poses are followed in a fast and continued movement.

When power yoga is practiced regularly, it helps your body to achieve power, balance, stability, posture and tone. This fast paced exercise benefits anyone who enjoys fitness.

What are the Benefits of Power Yoga?

Power yoga promotes active calorie burn and increases the immune system and promotes healthy blood flow. This practice also releases stress and body tension as it eliminates toxins through sweat.

This vigorous fitness approach is considered to be gym yoga as teachers wanted to emphasis on flexibility and strength. Power yoga also carries many of the same benefits and qualities as it includes building up internal heat reduce stress, and increase strength, stamina and flexibility.


Breathing is one life equation that we don’t fully take advantage of as yoga increase our attention into our breath and improve our ability to allow more air into our system.

By practicing proper breathing, our digestion begins to improve as if we are giving our digestive organs a massage. Focus on yoga poses with twists to help aid in digestion.

Think Supine Twist, Seated Twist, and Side bends. These forms encourage wasteful toxins to move and stimulate the digestive organs.


Aging is a natural phenomenon that no one is able to get away from. According to research women are spending $15,000 on their makeup on average to achieve a youthful look and firm skin. Modern-day cosmetics contain compounds and chemicals that have been linked to allergies, headaches, hair fall and aging as well as cancer.

Looking youthful doesn’t have the cost a large price as there are various yoga moves to fight aging. Meditation, neck stretching, and face yoga will specifically affect the facial muscles by releasing any stress and achieving a healthy glow. (Excellent Healthy Smoothie With Anti-Aging Effect)


Balance is one of the main keys of yoga poses. The ability to keep a strong balance is by involving our brain and body, as they will diminish when not practiced.

The balancing poses in yoga help us to sync communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain as it helps to improve our agility.

Many of us are fully-aware of maintaining muscular strength and practice cardiovascular training for optimum health. However, maintaining proper balance is just as important as it can lead to a large host of problems like sudden falls.

Once a fall occurs in an older age, it can lead to a downward effect on your health – leaving you at risk of more falls. Our bones become weaker as recovering and healing takers longer.

You may also develop a fear of falling which will ultimately lead to a fear of moving. Maintaining the ability to balance is vital. Challenge your body and balance by power yoga. Think tree pose, triangle, and warrior pose.

Flexibility & Strength

As we age, most people tend to feel an increase in aches, pains and stiffness and consider practicing yoga to be only for the flexible. This is false as yoga actually creates and builds flexibility.

The willingness to practice and work through asanas will leave you feeling less stiffness and spinal flexibility. Creating a healthy space between the vertebrae will help lengthen the spine and improve nerve conduction towards all of the organs.

Power yoga helps build strength safely as weight bearing poses like Cobra, Downward Dog and plant will reduce the chance of fractures dramatically. Having strong muscles will increase our protection from aging conditions as well as increase bone density.

Glowing Skin

Achieving a glowing skin doesn’t come from high-quality beauty creams and expensive treatments. By practicing asanas, the poses will help increase blood flow throughout the body towards the head and facial area.

Postures like the Cobra Pose, Plow Pose, Fish Pose, Triangle Pose, Shoulder Stand, and Child Pose all help to increase oxygenation while inverted poses and forward bens help increase blood flow to the head, which will help achieve glowing skin.

Many start wrinkling premature, as this is usually due to stress or harmful lifestyle habits such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, and diet.

Practicing at least 10-20 minutes of facial yoga will tighten and prevent more facial wrinkles but just massaging your jaws, eyebrows, and lips. You can also achieve glowing skin by drinking plenty of water, eating fresh produce, getting enough sleep and applying natural products on your skin.


The important of self-body awareness is invaluable at any stage as we age. The benefits of self-awareness allow you to be aware of the messages your body sends. Practicing yoga helps you become more mindful of warning signs which allows us to correct our course.

Power yoga has a large abundance of benefits that affect our mental, spiritual, and emotional health along with our physical bodies. It helps us notice the onset of stress and improper body positions, helping you to achieve glowing skin and inner peace with yourself.

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