Predict Your Lifespan by the Size of your Waist

Researchers from London say that the best indicator for your lifespan is the waist circumference.

According to them, women who are 160 centimeters tall should have a waist circumference of 80 centimeters.

If waist circumference in relation to height is larger, then shortened the lifespan will be.

Waist Size Predicts Lifespan

Researchers gathered data from 300,000 people and found out that waist circumference should not exceed half the height of a man.
It means that a man with a height of 180 centimeters should have waist circumference of 90 cm. The rule applies to both sexes.

Such waist shows that the chances of the development of cardiovascular disease is lower, because the fat in the abdomen increases the risk of heart attack and high blood pressure, the researchers explain.

As the research suggests, those whose waist is increased by 15 cm than half of their total height, on average their lifespan will be shortened by two years.

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