Prevent Ovarian Cancer Naturally

Ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer, because for many women the symptoms occur only in advanced stages of the disease.

The major risk factors include family history of the disease, diagnosed breast cancer and the occurrence of menstruation at an early stage.
The risk is increased in women who have excess pounds or use hormone replacement therapy.


Women who drink a daily cup of black tea, have ten percent less likely to get sick rather than those who do not consume pure natural drinks.

It is interesting that drinking two or more cups a day, increases the beneficial effects of the drink. The risk of breast cancer was reduced by about 12 to 13% in the study made ​​over participants who consumed two or more cups of herbal drinks.

Ovarian Cancer PreviewThe positive effects of green tea on health, have been known since ancient times. This beverage has a particular medical anti-tumor effect.

However last British study published in the journal “Cancer Causes and Control”, shows how black tea, (often consumed beverage in the UK) could be most effective.

They found that a cup of black tea a day lowers the risk of ovarian cancer by nearly ten percent, two to three cups by 13% and four or more by 12%.

The risk for ladies who drank a cup of green tea per day was reduced by 20%. Also similar results showed and the consumption of herbal teas.

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